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Monday, May 17, 2021
April 12, 2021 20:04

First Day of UTBK, ITS Successfully Served 1,707 Participants Without Obstacles

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Peserta UTBK di Departemen Teknik Informatika ITS melaksanakan tesnya sesuai protokol kesehatan yang ditetapkan

UTBK participants in the ITS Informatics Engineering Department carry out their tests according to established health protocols

ITS Campus, ITS News – Even though a pandemic still hits it, the Computer-Based Writing Examination (UTBK) activity as one of the requirements for registering for State Universities (PTN) at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) runs quite smoothly, and it is following health protocols (prokes) ) set. ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng immediately reviewed the implementation of the first day at the ITS Informatics Engineering Department, Tuesday (12/4).

ITS Education Director Dr. Eng Siti Machampang ST MEng revealed that 1,707 UTBK participants attended and participated in UTBK activities on the first day of its implementation at ITS as one of the organizing PTNs. Meanwhile, 42 other participants could not attend. “This figure is a fairly large attendance figure,” said the lecturer, who is often called Machampang.

Participants who attended were divided into 57 separate rooms for each session at ITS and its partner campuses, such as Politeknik Negeri Elektronika Surabaya (PENS), Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya (PPNS), and Institut Teknologi (IT) Telkom Surabaya.

All UTBK participants on the first day were participants who chose UTBK Saintek and Soshum. UTBK Science includes Scholastic Potential Test (TPS), Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and Physics. Meanwhile, UTBK Soshum covers TPS, History, Sociology, Economics, and Geography. “Now we are serving the UTBK Saintek and Soshum participants, while we will carry out Mixed UTBK on the next Thursday (15/4),” he explained.

The success of the UTBK, which was carried out on the first day, can at least be seen from the absence of participants who were sent home because they did not meet the requirements to do UTBK. “All participants on the first day successfully took the test without any obstacles,” said the Department of Chemical Engineering lecturer.

Setiap peserta UTBK di ITS diwajibkan mengikuti protokol kesehatan yang ditetapkan

Every UTBK participant at ITS is required to follow the established health protocol.

All UTBK participants passed the health protocols (prokes) implemented by ITS, such as temperature tests, use of medical masks, medical gloves, room sterilization, etc. This is in line with the statement of the ITS Chancellor, who reviewed the situation in the field together with other ITS leaders towards the end of the first session on the first day.

In front of the media crew, the chancellor, familiarly called Ashari, advised all UTBK participants to review the predetermined location before taking the exam. He also advised UTBK participants to work on the questions comfortably. “We apply health protocols and provide other supporting facilities so that UTBK participants feel comfortable and safe,” he confirmed.

After going through the body temperature test, if there are UTBK participants who do not bring medical gloves, ITS will give them. Then participants will be directed to the waiting room before entering the exam room. In the waiting room, participants prepare to take part in UTBK activities. Not to forget, participants are also required to change their masks to medical masks provided by ITS for those who do not bring them. (far/ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Irwan Fitranto

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