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Footsteps of Kuntoro’s Struggle, ITS Graduates with Myriad Achievements

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Kuntoro Tanoto, wisudawan ITS pada Wisuda ke-123 yang memiliki segudang prestasi terbaik lulus berpredikat Cum Laude dengan IPK 3,70

Kuntoro Tanoto, an ITS graduate at the 123rd Graduation who has a myriad of the best achievements, graduated Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.70

ITS Campus, ITS News – One of the proud graduates of the 123rd day of the 123rd Graduation Ceremony of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Sunday (11/4), is Kuntoro Tanoto from the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Planning and Geo (FTSPK) ). A series of winning awards that had been won during his university years led him to become a Cum Laude graduate with many of the best achievements.

A total of 14 awards was successfully brought home by Kuntoro while studying. This journey began with his interest in civil engineering, which had been his target since high school. He revealed that the civil engineering study program (Prodi) is one of the potentials with excellent prospects in the future.

“Seeing Indonesia’s growing development, and I am more confident in studying engineering at an institute than a university, so I am more interested in entering and choosing the Department of Civil Engineering at ITS,” he said.

Kuntoro Tanoto dan tim saat memenangkan Juara 1 ULOS Self Compacting Concrete Competition, Universitas Sumatera Utara

Kuntoro Tanoto and his team won 1st place in the ULOS Self Compacting Concrete Competition, University of North Sumatra.

Entering the beginning of his journey to become an ITS student, he was motivated by the speaker who provided insight into civil engineering-based competitions. Kuntoro believes that he is challenged to become a person who has more value than other civil engineers.

The young man, who is familiarly called Kun, said that he had started trying to compete with his trusted colleagues several times. Even though they failed on the first try, Kuntoro and the team remained determined to compete again in the second attempt, which succeeded in becoming Runner Up at the Young Civil Engineer – Innovation Festival (YCE-INOFEST) at Jember State University.

“On the other hand, we were not quite satisfied with the results we achieved at that time because we still could not win first place. After trying again until we got 1st place, we were even addicted to participating in other competitions,” said the 2017 class student.

Kuntoro Tanoto dan timnya, saat menjadi Runner Up pada ajang, Young Civil Engineer-Concrete Competition, Universitas Negeri Jember

Kuntoro Tanoto and his team, as Runner Up at the Young Civil Engineer-Concrete Competition, Universitas Negeri Jember.

In every competition he participated in, Kun said that he and his team often submitted works in innovative concrete using shell waste, with a combination of fly ash, husk ash, as a substitute for cement or not in a variety. “However, when compared to other concrete innovations, the characteristic that we make is still using a few percent cement; this also depends on the results of the combination experiment used,” he explained.

Graduates interested in building and bridge structure analysis are continuously motivated to complain about their creations because they see the opportunities that are scattered, the broader relationships, experience, and facilities that are already available at ITS. “Occasionally, I was also overwhelmed in dividing study time with competitions, resulting in a significant drop in grades in semester 2,” said Kun.

Kuntoro Tanoto saat memenangkan Juara 1 Lomba Beton nasional Warmadewa High Strength Concrete Competition (WHSCC), Universitas Warmadewa

Kuntoro Tanoto, when winning 1st place in the Warmadewa High Strength Concrete Competition (WHSCC) national Concrete Competition, Warmadewa University.

He continued, if this may be included in the lowest point, then it is inversely proportional to the period in the second to third years. At that time, it was the peak period for a Kuntoro while on campus. The reason is that he can win the first six championships in one month and six different cities.

“Even during that time, there was one week where we won first place in three different cities, plus the semester scores were good, so that period was quite satisfying for me,” said the youngest of two siblings.

For him, the achievements he had achieved while being a student at ITS were quite satisfying. Not only about achievement, but Kun was also quite satisfied with spending his college years with organizations and committees that he was interested in.

Some of the contributions that have been made include being the 2018 ITS EXPO UKM External Relations Staff, the deputy chairman of the 2019 ITS Buddhist Spiritual Development Team (TPKB), and the Image Expert Staff of the Civil Student Association (HMS) ITS 2020.

Kuntoro Tanoto dan timnya, saat menjadi juara 1 pada ajang International Concrete Competition, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta

Kuntoro Tanoto and his team, when winning 1st place in the International Concrete Competition, Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta.

In the end, Kuntoro admitted that he was happy to study at one of the best universities in Indonesia. The reason is, he can meet friends from various regions who are very extraordinary, as well as lecturers and students at ITS who are very welcome and friendly to their students. “That is something I should be grateful for all this time and feel very helped while studying at the campus struggle,” said the young man from Medan. (far/ITS Public Relations)


Reporter : Fatima Az Zahra

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