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Brillian be Youngest Graduate in 123rd ITS Graduation at 20 years old

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Brilian Putra Amiruddin, Wisudawan Termuda di Wisuda ITS ke-123 di usia 20 tahun

Brilian Putra Amiruddin, the youngest graduate at the 123th ITS Graduation at the age of 20

ITS Campus, ITS News – The Graduation Ceremony of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) always presents inspiring stories. This time, Brilian Putra Amiruddin an ITS graduate from the Department of Electrical Engineering, successfully graduated at the age of 20 years with the title of being the youngest graduate at the 123th ITS Graduation Procession, Saturday (10/4).

This student from Jombang earned a bachelor’s degree with a study period of only 7th semesters or 3.5 years. Born on March 16, 2001, this young man familiarly called Brilian started his education in Kindergarten (TK) at two years old. Furthermore, at the age of fourth, Brilian began attending elementary school (SD). Even though he has an age range that is not close to his friends, Brilian can keep up with his friends, even being ranked in the top three since elementary school.

Brilian continued his education at SMPN 1 Tembelang, Jombang, and SMAN 2 Jombang with a normal study period, which is three years, without going through an accelerated level. “After graduating from SMAN 2 Jombang, I chose to continue to ITS Electrical Engineering and passed the SBMPTN route,” he explained.

Talking about his decision to choose ITS Electrical Engineering, Brilian said that during high school he was active in participating in extracurricular activities and competitions in the IT ( Information Technology ) field which introduced him to the world of programming, computers, and electrical engineering. He is also more interested in Mathematics and Physics. “Moreover, ITS is one of the best technology campuses in Indonesia, so I do not hesitate to take engineering courses at ITS,” he said.

With a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.75, the graduate who was an Assistant to the Industrial Regulation and Automation Laboratory, the ITS Electrical Engineering Department is also interested in the field of research. Joining the laboratory assistant made him more familiar with the world of academic research in the electrical engineering field. “From here, I want to become an academic in the field of regulatory systems in the future,” he said.

Brilian Putra Amiruddin dan teman-teman ketika menjadi Asisten Laboratorium Pengaturan dan Otomasi Industri, Departemen Teknik Elektro ITS

Brilian Putra Amiruddin and friends when he became Assistant of the Industrial Regulation and Automation Laboratory, ITS Electrical Engineering Department

Brilliant is also a student who is interested in competing. Starting from business competitions too many written works he tried. In 2019, he won third place in the national level business plan competition at Yogyakarta State University. He has also served as a presenter of scientific papers at international conferences several times. Even managed to publish six of his papers and three of them have been indexed by Scopus.

“Last December 2020, I presented my paper at the 2020 ICAST ( International Student Conference on Advanced Science and Technology ) organized by Kumamoto University, Japan,” explained the student who made the Smart Management System his favorite subject.

At the end of his study, he carried the title of his final project, Four Wheel Steer and Four Wheel Drive (4WS4WD) Autonomous Vehicle Steering Arrangement Using Predictive Control Model. In general, this final project examines how to design and implement a Predictive Control (MPC) type control algorithm to control the steering of an autonomous car model 4WS4WD.

Most cars can only be controlled by the steering angle on the two front wheels. In this study it is different, all wheels in the 4WS4WD model can be controlled. “Apart from that, the level of maneuverability is also higher,” explained the young man who has the nickname Bili.

Brilian Putra Amiruddin (tengah) dan tim ketika juara 3 lomba Business Plan tingkat nasional di Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta tahun 2019

Brilian Putra Amiruddin (center) and the team when they won 3rd place in the national level Business Plan competition at Yogyakarta State University in 2019

When asked about his motivation to complete education at a young age, he said there was no specific motivation in this regard. According to him, there is no limit and age benchmark for studying knowledge. “Whether you graduate at any age, the most important thing is that we have to have a high curiosity and willingness to learn if I just enjoy the process of learning,” said the student who likes cycling.

In the future, Brilian wants to continue his aspiration to become an academic in the field of electrical engineering. He also plans to continue his education to the master’s level. At the end of the interview, Brilian advised his fellow ITS students to always maintain physical and mental health during this pandemic, “Because these two aspects greatly affect our productivity, stay safe and stay healthy, and don’t forget to be happy,” he concluded. . (pan/ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Shinta Ulwiya

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