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Sunday, June 13, 2021
April 09, 2021 16:04

ITS First Ranks in Most PKM Proposal Uploaders

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Pencapaian luar biasa ITS yang diumumkan menjadi pengunggah proposal PKM terbanyak tahun 2021

ITS achievements announced to be the most PKM proposal uploaders in 2021

ITS Campus, ITS NewsInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) continues to strive to realize vision as a leading university in the field of research and technology. One of them was shown by ITS successfully becoming the college to upload the most Student Creativity Program (PKM) proposals in 2021 with 1,021s proposals.

The upload announcement, which is the initial part of the selection process for the National Student Scientific Week (Pimnas) event, was broadcast through the social media accounts of the Directorate General of Higher Education (Ditjen Dikti) of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) as the organizer of Pimnas, Tuesday (6/4).

Head of the Talent Development Section of the Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) ITS Hakun Wirawasista Aparamarta ST MMT Ph.D. agrees with this achievement achieved by ITS. He revealed these results could not be separated from Ditmawa’s role in forming the PKM ITS task force team which was deemed successful in mobilizing and motivating ITS students in participating in PKM. “We always facilitate and support the needs of the task force team,” he said.

Persebaran jumlah proposal terunggah dan tervalidasi dari setiap departemen di ITS

Distribution of the number of uploaded and validated proposals from each department at ITS

Hakun explained, of the 1,021 proposals submitted by ITS, the Urban and Regional Planning Department (PWK) became the department with the highest number of uploaded proposals with 85 proposals. Meanwhile, PKM Karsa Cipta became the PKM field with the highest number of uploaded proposals among all field schemes with the acquisition of 233 proposals.

The lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering explained that the announcement stage for uploading this proposal was the initial stage of a series of PKM activities towards PIMNAS. The Proposals that have been uploaded will be reselected then a suitable proposal will be selected for funding. “Funded proposals that will enter Pimnas,” he added.

Kepala Seksi Pengembangan Talenta Direktorat Kemahasiswaan (Ditmawa) ITS, Hakun Wirawasista Aparamarta ST MMT PhD ketika memantau latihan mahasiswa untuk kompetisi PKM

Head of the Talent Development Section of the Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) ITS, Hakun Wirawasista Aparamarta ST MMT Ph.D. when monitoring student training for the PKM competition

Meanwhile, Ksatria Sepuluh Nopember (KSN) ITS is a PKM ITS companion team who happily welcomed this achievement. Supriya is a member of the ITS KSN Guidelines team. He appreciated the contribution of all ITS academicians. From students who were very enthusiastic in the proposal preparation stage to the participation of lecturers who fully supported PKM activities at ITS.

The student called Atin added the enthusiasm of ITS students in participating in PKM has increased from the increase in the number of proposals submitted compared to last year. “The increase has almost doubled because last year ITS uploaded 548 proposals,” he said.

Ending his explanation, Hakun is optimistic that ITS can get the best results at the 34th Pimnas this year. According to him, becoming the overall champion of Pimnas is a realistic target considering the extraordinary achievements that ITS made since its early stages. “We want the moment of 2013 repeated, where ITS can realize the real maqom as the 34th Pimnas overall champion,” he concluded hopefully. (pan/ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Ferdian Wibowo

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