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Friday, July 30, 2021
March 22, 2021 20:03

ITS Receives 1,279 Prospective Students from the 2021 SNMPTN Pathway

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ITS Campus, ITS News –The Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT) officially announces the results of the 2021 State Higher Education Entrance National Selection (SNMPTN) simultaneously throughout Indonesia, Monday (22/3), at 15.00 WIB. The Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) was recorded to pass 1,279 registrants from various well-known regions in Indonesia to multiple selection departments through academic achievement selection.

Head of the Subdirectorate of Admissions at the ITS Education Directorate, Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEngSc, explained that 10,954 registrants contested the quota 1,279 seats. The total revenue quota has increased by 257 seats compared to last year. “Capacity increases because this year there are eight vocational study programs that also participate in the SNMPTN selection,” he said.

Unggul added that the proportion of SNMPTN applicants who were accepted had a ratio of 20 percent of ITS new students’ total quota this year. “The highest level of rigor is in the Informatics Engineering Department with a proportion of 4.7 percent,” he explained.

Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEng Sc, Kepala Subdirektorat Admisi Direktorat Pendidikan ITS

Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEng Sc, Head of the Subdirectorate of Admissions at the ITS Education Directorate

This Mechanical Engineering Department lecturer explained, the distribution of applicants accepted at ITS was following the SNMPTN acceptance quota in each study program. “We provide an additional quota of 10 percent in several study programs to anticipate students who do not re-register,” he added.

He said that passing the 2021 SNMPTN selection does not mean that registration has ended. Unggul advised that applicants who were declared accepted immediately read the announcement carefully regarding the schedule and preparation for bold re-registration, which can be seen on the page.

Responding to this important moment, ITS Deputy Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir Adi Soeprijanto MT conveyed his message and hopes to SNMPTN participants who passed the selection. He congratulated prospective students who had the right to be part of the ITS family.

Adi revealed that those who passed were excellent and outstanding students and advised them to maintain these achievements while studying at ITS later. “Don’t be careless until later, be proud of your parents, alma mater, and the nation,” he concluded hopefully. (far/ITS Public Relations)

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