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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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ITS Receives Champion Medals on AISEEF 2021

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Perolehan medali emas oleh tim-tim mahasiswa ITS dalam AISEEF 2021

Gold medal acquisition by ITS student teams in AISEEF 2021

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) does not stop to produce outstanding students and develop various innovations. This is proven by the success of 13 medals as well as two special awards at the 2021 ASEAN Innovation Science and Entrepreneur Fair (AISEEF) event of the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) which was announced through the zoom application, Tuesday (23/2) night.

The 13 medals brought home by ITS teams consisted of eight gold medals, two silver medals, and three bronze medals which were divided into four categories. The four categories are competitions that become the main qualifications in AISEEF 2021 with details, namely Innovative Science, Environmental Science, Entrepreneur, and Social Science.

In more detail, the gold medal recipient in the AISEEF 2021 event was obtained by the Coated Carbon Rod Team, the Environment and Human Safety Surveillance Team, the Sex Education Game Team (XEGA), the Dye-Sensitized Smartphone Waste Environmental Solar Panel Team (D-ETALON), the Augmented Reality History Team Education Card Game (ARCADIA), Bottle for Groundwater Filtration Team (FILBO), E-Keramba Team, and Sustainable Storage Fish for Fisherman (STANTOFISH) Team.

Medali perak yang berhasil diraih Tim Global Millennial Group dari ITS

The silver medal received by the Global Millennial Group Team from ITS

Meanwhile, the silver medal was brought home by the Utilization Team of Sago Extract, Shrimp Shell Waste, Guava Seed Leaf, and the Global Millennial Group Team. Meanwhile, the bronze medal was contributed by Thorium Small Molten Salt Reactor, Team Karuna, and Team EvOlution.

Not only were the three types of medals won, but the AISEEF team from ITS also succeeded in donating a special award in the form of the IYSA Special Award to the Coated Carbon Rod Team and the Special Award Malaysia Innovation, Invention, and Creativity Association (MIICA) to the ARCADIA Team.

Tim-tim mahasiswa ITS juga berhasil membawa pulang medali perunggu di ajang AISEEF 2021

ITS student teams also brought home a bronze medal at the AISEEF 2021 event

The head of the ITS Actuarial Department and one of the AISEEF 2021 jury boards, Dr. Soehardjoepri MSi, gave a response that ITS achievement in AISEEF 2021 was encouraging news. From Djoepri’s statement, ITS is always constantly contributing many medals, especially gold medals.

“Almost every year, the ITS student team definitely donates (medals) gold, and gold medals are usually more than silver or bronze medals,” said the lecturer, who is also an expert at IYSA.

The man who was born on May 4, 1962, stated that he is proud of the innovation and creativity that ITS students always develop. Djoepri said that the achievements of ITS students this year were quite extraordinary. Even though they are in a pandemic period, ITS students do not close their eyes and are always filled with creativity and innovation in creating new things. “Not only this competition, but there are also other innovations such as the RAISA robot, and this is very interesting,” said Djoepri.

Kepala Departemen Aktuaria ITS sekaligus satu dewan juri AISEEF 2021, Dr Soehardjoepri MSi

Head of the ITS Actuarial Department as well as one of the panels of judges for AISEEF 2021, Dr. Soehardjoepri MSi

Djoepri also mentioned the supervisor’s role, who was not less instrumental in the achievements obtained by his students. The Head Lector, born in Jember, advised that there is no meaning for students without a supervisor who escorts them while competing. Thus, students’ innovation and creativity in the AISEEF 2021 event are already above average because of the reliable support from the supervisors at ITS.

At the end of the interview, the alumnus of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) hopes that the winners do not stop at that point because there will definitely be many changes in the future. Likewise, for students who failed, Djoepri advised them not to give up. “ITS students, in particular, dare to try and don’t be afraid to fail because efforts will not deny the results,” said Djoepri encouragingly.

The AISEEF 2021 event itself was held in collaboration with IYSA with the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) Food Technology Department, Diponegoro University (Undip) Nutrition Department, Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus), the Indonesian International Institute for Life Sciences (I3L), the Indonesian Educator Achievement Foundation, and The Association of Indonesian Adiwiyata Activists, Malang Raya.

The AISEEF 2021 was attended by 450 teams from 19 countries globally, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Yemen, Brazil, Turkey, Macau, Mexico, Thailand, Macao, Iran, Nepal. Egypt, Iraq, and Azerbaijan. On the other hand, the jury involved in the assessment consisted of 89 judges from eight different countries, namely Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Poland, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Eight of the jury are representatives of ITS. (nadh/ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Yanwa Evia Java Mauludya

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