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Thursday, September 16, 2021
February 23, 2021 16:02

Shows Creations, ITS Interior Design Held a Virtual Exhibition

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Lorong SPATIAL Virtual Gallery yang menampilkan karya-karya mahasiswa Desain Interior ITS serta profil dosen pembimbingnya

Lorong SPATIAL Virtual Gallery featuring works by ITS Interior Design students and profiles of their supervisors

ITS Campus, ITS News – Presenting works to a broad audience to get public appreciation is an element that is no less important in doing jobs. To accommodate this even during a pandemic, the Department of Interior Design, Faculty of Creative Design and Business Management (FDKBD) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) carried an exciting breakthrough through the Immersive Virtual Exhibition of Interior Design and Technology Works.

Taking place virtually at the SPATIAL Virtual Gallery, the exhibition, which was carried out thanks to the collaboration between the lecturers of the Department of Interior Design and the ITS Interior Science & Technology Laboratory, has succeeded in attracting public interest from various cities in Indonesia, even from different parts of the world.

Head of the ITS Interior Design Department, Dr. Mahendra Wardhana ST MT, revealed that until Tuesday (23/2), the third day of the exhibition, there were 850 visitors from 15 countries. “This is an interesting thing because offline exhibitions usually only limited visitors from the Surabaya area,” he said.

Visitors can walk down the lobby and the SPATIAL Virtual Gallery hallway to see the selected works of students participating in the Interior Design and Technology course, along with portraits of the lecturers who guide them. “There are 21 student works displayed there. For this course, the object is the office,” said the lecturer, who is familiarly called Mahe.

Masuk ke dalam pameran virtual, pengunjung akan disuguhi tampilan Lobi SPATIAL Virtual Gallery

Entering the virtual exhibition, visitors will be treated to a display of the SPATIAL Virtual Gallery Lobby.

The works that are displayed in the exhibition are works that are considered to have the best excellence that has been reviewed by the supervisor from various considerations, among other things, including how the analysis, design innovation, the resulting concept, and the work description.

The development team consisting of lecturers and students from the Interior Design Department, especially participants in the Interior Design and Technology course, took four weeks to develop this virtual exhibition. “The first and second weeks are used to plan virtual galleries and curation of works to be exhibited,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in the third week, the team designed the user interface and user experience (UI / UX), graphics, and virtual exhibition systems. It culminates in the fourth week of creating exhibitions, uploading works, incorporating design elements into the system, uploading to servers, and commissioning virtual arrangements.

For Mahe, the implementation of this virtual exhibition provides many benefits. Apart from being an expose of the educational and teaching achievements of the Interior Design Department, this exhibition also serves as a media promotion for the department to a broad audience. “This activity also opens opportunities for cooperation with other parties,” he said.

In the future, Mahe hopes that there will be various virtual exhibitions that will show the output of multiple courses and ITS Interior Design Department lecturers’ work to introduce the department’s profile to the broader community. “We will also improve the work presentation system so that it will be even more attractive in the future,” he concluded.

This virtual exhibition itself can be accessed easily through desktop devices and respective devices (computer use is recommended) by accessing the link (ITS Public Relations)

Salah satu karya mahasiswa yang dipamerkan dalam Pameran Virtual Imersif Karya Desain Interior dan Teknologi Departemen Desain Interior ITS

One of the students works exhibited in the Immersive Virtual Exhibition of Interior Design and Technology Works of the ITS Interior Design Department.

Reporter: Raisa Zahra Fadila

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