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ITS Nawasena Team Wins 1st Place through Cruise Ship Safety Equipment

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(dari kiri) Kevin Rizqul Habib, Yohanes Pangestu Timur, Imam Anthony Muslim saat berfoto bersama usai pengumuman pemenang

(from left) Kevin Rizqul Habib, Yohanes Pangestu Timur, Imam Anthony Muslim taking a group photo after the announcement of the winner

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) again obtained outstanding achievements. This time, it was the ITS Nawasena Team’s turn to win first place in the International Student Design Competition organized by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) through the design of cruise ship safety equipment.

They are Yohanes Pangestu Timur, Bima Surya Wicaksana, Kevin Rizqul Habib, and Imam Anthony Muslim. The four of them are students from the Department of Marine Engineering class 2017. Joined in a team, they succeeded in designing attractive cruise ship safety equipment.

Yohanes Pangestu Timur, as the team leader, said that the existing ship safety equipment is still ineffective. Besides, it takes a lot of crew to operate it. This, of course, makes the evacuation time longer. “Coupled with the panic experienced by passengers and crew, it can make things worse,” he said.

This team designed different cruise ship safety equipment from other ship safety equipment based on these problems. This because their ship safety equipment is considered to be able to speed up the evacuation time. “Our design is faster than the existing ship safety equipment,” claims the student who is often called Timur.

Prototipe alat keselamatan kapal pesiar buatan Tim Nawasena ITS

The prototype of cruise ship safety equipment made by ITS Nawasena Team

Timur added that the evacuation time’s speed that the ship’s safety equipment has is due to the main features such as the lifeboat and liferaft design. The lifeboat design they offer can carry 533 passengers, and the liferaft design can accommodate around 700 passengers. “The sliding ramp also makes the evacuation process faster,” he added.

This student from Klaten explained that his team’s design of the ship safety equipment had a vertical platform. The vertical shape is considered to be able to speed up the evacuation process from the top deck. “Of course, this design is needed for cruise ships,” he said.

According to Timur, apart from a fast evacuation process, reducing the panic of passengers is also an important thing in a ship accident. To overcome this, the design of this safety device from the ITS team has evacuation management in regulating evacuation procedures. “This makes the evacuation process more regular and at the same time reduces panic during an emergency,” he said.

Prototipe desain alat keselamatan kerja yang berhasil meraih juara pertama dalam kompetisi International Student Design Competition

The design prototype of work safety equipment that won first place in the International Student Design Competition

This alumnus of SMA Negeri 1 Klaten believes that the idea they brought has received considerable appreciation from various representatives of cruising industry companies such as Royal Carribean, Carnival Corp, and MSC Cruises. This because the design is considered very detailed, thorough, and has an attractive design. “During the presentation, the representatives from the company seemed very interested in our design,” he admitted.

Timur hopes that the idea they propose can become a reference for CLIA in developing ship safety equipment. Not only that, but he also hopes that the ITS Nawasena Team can work directly with CLIA in making it happen. “Hopefully, our design can be realized and applied to cruise ships,” he said hopefully. (far/ITS Public Relations)

Tim Nawasena ITS saat mempresentasikan karya buatannya dalam kompetisi

ITS Nawasena team, when presenting their work in the competition

Reporter: Nadila Wulan Cahyani

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