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Thursday, September 16, 2021
February 11, 2021 18:02

ITS Pioneers the Opening of Postgraduate Interdisciplinary School

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Sekolah Interdisiplin Manajemen dan Teknologi (IMT) ITS berisi pembelajaran interdisiplin tingkat pascasarjana, yang telah dilakukan soft launching

ITS Interdisciplinary School of Management and Technology (IMT) contains postgraduate level interdisciplinary learning, which has been soft-launched

ITS Campus, ITS News – Producing competitive graduates to meet the needs of the world of work is the desire of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) as one of the best technology campuses in Indonesia. According to the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan or Rencana Strategis (Renstra), ITS plans to unite postgraduate level cross-disciplinary education programs in the Interdisciplinary School of Management and Technology (SIMT).

SIMT, which is the first school outside the faculty owned by ITS, was introduced in the soft launching by ITS Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Mochammad Ashari M.Eng, on the last day of 2021 ITS Work and Leadership School Meeting, last Wednesday (10/2).

The ITS Rector, who is usually called Ashari, in his opening remarks, explained, so far at ITS there have been various postgraduate level interdisciplinary programs, but they are still scattered in various ITS organizations. “Therefore, these programs will be united in one IMT School which will synergize ITS resources,” he said.

According to Ashari, the interdisciplinary education model is very appropriate to synchronize resources from the various sciences in ITS. This SIMT will later be led by the dean who is responsible to the Rector and coordinates with the ITS Director of Postgraduate and Academic Development (Dirpaspa).

Because in reality, continued Ashari, each field of work does not only require one discipline. Every decision to be made requires financial, human, and technical aspects that must be considered.

Ashari said, with the existence of this SIMT, it can be expected that there will be various new programs or fields of specialization that collaborate with lecturers from various departments at ITS. “This program will bridge various disciplines to meet the real needs of the industry,” said the ITS Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochammad Ashari MEng (tengah atas) ketika melakukan soft launching Sekolah Interdisiplin Manajemen dan Teknologi bersama jajaran petinggi ITS secara virtual

ITS Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Mochammad Ashari M.Eng (top center) in the soft launching  of the Interdisciplinary School of Management and Technology with ITS officials virtually

Through SIMT, Ashari said, it embodies the dream of managing interdisciplinary education across scientific groups under one roof to anticipate what the future needs. This program will bridge various disciplines to meet the real needs of the industry. “Besides, ITS also needs to be the pioneer in the management of interdisciplinary education across scientific groups under one roof,” he said.

Meanwhile, ITS Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Adi Soeprijanto MT stated, after the launch of this SIMT, ITS will have seven faculties and one school. This school will have three types of programs, which consist of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Education Program, Professional Engineer Program, and Professional Certification Program.

The ITS Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Education Program consists of a Technology Management Study Program which is divided into two levels, such as the Master of Technology Management (MMT) and Doctor of Technology Management (DMT). For MMT, which ITS had successfully held and the last is under the Creative Design and Digital Business Faculty (FDKBD).

Completing the Technology Management study program, the plan is also to establish new courses such as Technology Innovation to accommodate the needs of the areas of science interdisciplinary “For instance-related Renewable Energy, Mitigation of Disaster or related fields Industrial Revolution 4.0 as Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things,” explains Adi who is also ITS Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Vice-Rector III of ITS for Human Resources, Organization, and Technology and Information Systems Dr. Eng. Ir. Ahmad Rusdiansyah M.Eng added, SIMT will be carried out under institutional cooperation between SIMT, faculties, and departments at ITS, both at the strategic level in designing the curriculum or the tactical level in determining the thesis instructor and supervisor, for example.

This lecturer at the Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering explained that SIMT is a form of ITS seriousness in organizing the organization, realizing the importance of resource sharing within ITS, and picking up opportunities for interdisciplinary education needs. The lecturer who is familiarly called Doddy gave an illustrative example, “In SIMT, a Chemical Engineering bachelor who has worked in the cement industry, can take a Masters in Technology Management in Business Analytics, or follow the Professional Engineer Program. He also had the opportunity to take the Professional Certification Program. ” (muh/nadh/ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Muhammad Miftah Fakhrizal

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