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ITS Abmas Team Creates PETIS, an Automatic Handwashing Tool

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Tim Abmas Departemen Teknik Elektro ITS beserta perwakilan PD Pasar Surya bersama alat PETIS

The Abmas Team of the ITS Electrical Engineering Department with PD Pasar Surya representatives and the PETIS machine

ITS Campus, ITS News – The importance of maintaining hand hygiene is one of the factors to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, through community service (Abmas) carried out by the High Voltage Laboratory, the Electrical Engineering Department of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) has also helped prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus by making PETIS, an automatic handwashing device.

Abmas chaired by Dr. Eng I Made Yulistya Negara and Chairul Bahy as the Coordinator of the Student Abmas Team are applied in Wonokromo Market, Surabaya. This place was chosen because it is one of the important economic aspects of supporting daily life in society. So that the market becomes a public place that will continue to produce various interactions between the surrounding communities.

Tampilan PETIS, alat cuci tangan otomatis rancangan Tim Abmas Departemen Teknik Elektro ITS

The showcase of PETIS, an automatic handwashing machine designed by Abmas Team of the Department of Electrical Engineering ITS

The team coordinator, familiarly called Bahy, explained that people in the market often feel worried about the spread of the coronavirus when carrying out the buying and selling transaction process. “However, an anxiety that will always be defeated by the necessities of life that must continue,” he said.

Bahy continued, to reduce the spread of Covid-19 following health protocols, the ITS Abmas Team also made PETIS, an automatic handwashing tool. Besides, the team of 10 students also carried out socialization on the importance of maintaining hand hygiene and how to operate the tool. “We also conduct online consultations to maintain and maintain the equipment with the market manager,” he explained.

Meanwhile, PETIS has a technical work that is almost the same as the portable hand washers that exist today. However, there are several additional technical features, such as an automatic washbasin, automatic soap, thermogenic will give the body temperature and can be connected to the speaker. This feature also has a water sensor detector that will notify you if the water in the reservoir will run out.

This student of the Department of Electrical Engineering also continues for technical use, where the tool will check the user’s body temperature through a thermogenic that is integrated with a sink. Furthermore, users can wash their hands with soap automatically without coming into contact with tools. “This aims to minimize the touch that has an impact on the spread of the virus,” continued Bahy.

Tampilan desain prototipe PETIS, alat pencuci tangan otomatis rancangan Tim Abmas Departemen Teknik Elektro ITS

The design of PETIS prototype, an automatic handwashing device designed by the ITS Electrical Engineering Department Abmas Team

In the making process, initially, Bahy and the team brainstormed ideas with lecturers and laboratory assistants along with PD Pasar Surya partners. Furthermore, planning to purchase tools and materials is carried out. This activity also collaborates with various stakeholders such as ITS alumni to manufacture thermogenic sensors and expert sink makers to manufacture this PETIS tool.

The advantage offered by PETIS is that it can check the body temperature of people who want to go to the market. Making it easier for officers to select buyers who have a fever. “Then, the officer can take action against the buyer so that they are not allowed to enter the market,” explained Bahy.

Tim Abmas Idari Departemen Teknik Elektro ITS saat melakukan sosialisasi penggunaan alat PETIS kepada masyarakat di Pasar Wonokromo, Surabaya

The Abmas Team of the ITS Electrical Engineering Department when socializing PETIS to the public at Wonokromo Market, Surabaya

Besides, said Bahy, the automatic tap water, and soap are expected to reduce touch to the fields. The last advantage is that there is an Alarm Water Detector which can provide an alarm if there is a lack of water in the PETIS tool reservoir. “So that it can be filled as soon as possible,” he continued.

The implementation of this community service activity is expected to increase public awareness to comply with health protocols, namely by maintaining distance, wearing masks, and diligently maintaining hand hygiene. “So that it can help reduce the spread of the virus, especially in traditional markets, and can reduce the number of Covid-19 cases,” concluded Bahy hopefully. (naj/far/ITS Public Relations)

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