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Sunday, March 07, 2021
January 28, 2021 19:01

ITS Skyrockets to Third Best Webometrics Rank in Indonesia

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ITS menempati peringkat ketiga menurut Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities se-Indonesia

ITS achieved third place on Web of Universities Webometrics Ranking in Indonesia

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) yet again shows its excellence as one of the best higher education institution in Indonesia. This time, ITS succeded in raising its rank to third place in Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities in Indonesia on January 2021.

Head of Unit Komunikasi Publik (UKP) ITS or ITS Public Communication Unit, Anggra Ayu Rucitra ST MMT, explained that the ranking on Webometrics as a university ranking is supposed to measure or provide an assessment of the progress of all the best universities or colleges in the world (World Class University). “This assessment is based on several indicators that concern the campus website content, visibility, and the impact of web publications in line with the number of external links received,” she explained.

ITS’ national rank has increased from last year, but ITS’ world rank has increased significantly. From the 1.840th rank,  ITS skyrocketed to the position of 1.089 within six months. Other than that, ITS managed to get the 20th rank in Southeast Asia too.

The webometrics ranking assessment on this period has three aspects of reference. Those aspects are impact, openness, and excellence. ITS impact rank has increased from 1.244 to 903. The assessment is done by checking the number of backlinks to the ITS website and enriching also updating contents on the ITS campus website.

Then, in the openness aspect, ITS openness rank has increased from 1.231 to 1.063. The openness assessment is done by checking the number of articles from ITS academicians quoted on Google Scholar. “To support ITS in this aspect, we monitor the number of articles that ITS has published in detail,” said Anggra.

Kepala Unit Komunikasi Publik (UKP) ITS Anggra Ayu Rucitra ST MMT

Head of Unit Komunikasi Publik (UKP) ITS Anggra Ayu Rucitra ST MMT

Aside from that, this lecturer of the Department of Interior Design ITS added that excellence is the last aspect of this assessment. ITS excellence rank succeeded in increasing from 1.852 to 1.739. On this excellence aspect, the assessment is done almost the same as the impact aspect. “For the openness indicator, the evaluation for article publication on Scimago and Google Scholar has been done,” she said.

The improvement of ITS in all aspects of this assessment shows that ITS keeps developing to become World Class University and top universities in the world. ITS also has shown significant improvement nationally in this recent years. “We can see that ITS is improving rapidly considering in 2016, ITS was still on rank 21 in Indonesia,” said Anggra.

Anggra also expressed her appreciation to all ITS academicians who have participated in bringing ITS to this stage. According to her, through this Webometrics world ranking and Indonesia ranking, ITS shows the role of academics and research institutions on their website and promotes ITS scientific publications’ results.

Not to forget, this graduate of the ITS Technology Management Master’s Degree said that this commendable achievement was dedicated to the late Dr. Suhartono SSi MSc as the Institute Secretary of ITS. He had passed away recently before he could witness the hard work of the team he had led. “All of this is also thanks to his services who have guided and directed us in achieving this accomplishment,” she concluded. (ri/nadh/ITS Public Relations)

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