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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
January 14, 2021 20:01

Processes Face-mask Waste, ITS Students Designed Zero Mask Waste Box

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Rancangan Zero Mask Waste Box bagian dispenser handsanitizer

The design of the hand-sanitizer dispenser on the Zero Mask Waste Box

ITS Campus, ITS News – The number of COVID-19 cases that continues to increase every day has consequences for the accumulation of disposable mask waste. To solve this problem, a duet of students from the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Civil Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) designed the Zero Mask Waste Box as a medium to process the disposable mask waste.

Rosalia Kurniasari, the Team Leader said that this idea originated from the fact that many people do not know about disposable mask waste management. Besides, the processing stages are complicated and many become one of the reasons why people prefer to dispose of the used mask directly without processing them. “There are concerns that this will become a medium for virus transmission,” she said.

Therefore, continued Rosalia, this problem requires innovation for disposable mask waste so that it does not mix with other domestic waste. The Zero Mask Waste Box is made to reduce the increased risk of Covid-19 transmission. “Thus, the main idea that should be raised is a trash can that can process mask waste that is practical and simple so that it can prevent the transmission of Covid-19,” she explained.

Rancangan Zero Mask Waste Box bagian depan

The front section of the Zero Mask Waste Box design

The Zero Mask Waste Box made by her team has several parts starting from the front, the inside, and the dispenser for the Hand Sanitizer. At the front of the trash can, there is a sensor as a tool to open the trash can to dispose of the mask to make it more sterile. “This tool is also equipped with buttons to make processing easier,” said this class of 2019 student.

Rosalia continued, the inside of this trash can has several functions, from cutting mask waste into pieces, disinfecting spray, also sucking up the pieces of the mask waste. These functions are intended to make it easier for users to manage this mask waste. This trash can is also equipped with a garbage disposal tube that functions as a final disposal site for processed mask waste which can then be transported by garbage collectors.

Also, the Hand Sanitizer dispenser is located around the trash can which can act as a disinfectant for users who uses the trash can. “This section is also equipped with sensors that are intended to make users not touching the device directly, also to minimize the transmission of Covid-19,” explained the girl born in Bojonegoro.

Rosalia Kurniasari selaku ketua tim mahasiswa ITS perancang Zero Mask Waste Box

Rosalia Kurniasari as the leader of the ITS students’ team that designed the Zero Mask Waste Box

When asked about the advantages of the innovation, Rosalia explained that this Zero Mask Waste Box trash can is a new innovation in processing and sterilizing disposable mask waste. This tool is also expected to help reduce the positive number of Covid-19 by inhibiting transmission due to disposable mask waste.

Its contribution in protecting the environment from carelessly discarded mask waste managed to amaze the jury in the final presentation at the 2020 Mechatronics Essay Competition. “This tool is also different from the others because, with its practicality, it is hoped that it can form good habits among people during a pandemic like today,” she said.

Avelyne Christianti, anggota tim mahasiswa ITS perancang Zero Mask Waste Box

Avelyne Christianti, a member of the ITS Student team that designed Zero Mask Waste Box

Thanks to their creativity, this idea of Rosalia and her colleague, Avelyne Christianti, managed to get rid of 80 other teams and won first place in the competition held by the Mechatronics Engineering Student Association, Universitas Trunojoyo, Madura, some time ago.

In the end, Rosalia hopes that the concept of the Zero Mask Waste Box idea, starting from the design, system, and procedures, can be used for this trash can. “Hopefully in the future, it can be further developed and can be used to help protect the public from the exposure to the Covid-19 virus,” she concluded hopefully. (bob/nadh/HUMAS ITS)

Rancangan Zero Mask Waste Box bagian dalam tampak samping

The design of the insides of Zero Mask Waste Box as seen from a side-view

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