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December 12, 2020 16:12

Synergizing with Indonesia Power, ITS Develops Smart Stove Research

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Demo memasak menggunakan unit kompor listrik dari PT Indonesia Power yang diselenggarakan di halaman Gedung Rektorat ITS

Cooking demo using electric stove unit from PT Indonesia Power held in the courtyard of ITS Rectorate Building

ITS Campus, ITS News – In order to answer the current rising demand for electricity, PT Indonesia Power (IP) intends to provide a safe and efficient electric stove for public use. Starting from this, PT IP collaborated with Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to provide research funding to develop smart stove units, Friday (11/12).

President Director of PT IP Muhammad Ahsin Sidqi who is connected online said that this CSR program is carried out as a form of innovation as well as the transformation of PT PLN (Persero) in supporting electricity needs in the country. “As a subsidiary, we follow PLN’s direction to develop an easy-to-use energy transition, so that people can enjoy it,” explained the man who is often called Ahsin.

Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng (dua dari kanan) dan GM PT Indonesia Power Buyung Arianto (dua dari kiri) saat penyerahan kompor pintar dan dana penelitian pengembangannya

ITS Rector Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng (second from right) and GM of PT Indonesia Power Buyung Arianto (two from left) during the handover of smart stoves and research funds for its development

With regard to this form of electrical energy transition, Regional Business Director of Sumatra Kalimantan PT PLN (Persero) Wiluyo Kusdwiharto said, one of them is done with the desire to develop electric stoves with new technology that can be accepted and used by the community, as well as people using oil stoves or gas stoves. Because, so far the use of electric stoves is less familiar in the community.

Therefore, Wiluyo expects that the electric-based smart stove can be further developed by ITS until it becomes a local product received by the community. This is in line with the transformation of PLN that wants to boost electric-lifestyle. “Where all lifestyles including vehicles and household appliances use electricity from green products that are relatively cleaner and environmentally friendly, thus applying the development of new and renewable energy,” he explained.

Rektor ITS Prof Dr Mochamad Ashari dan segenap jajarannya menyimak dengan antusiasme penjelasan kinerja unit kompor pintar

Its Rector Prof. Dr. Mochamad Ashari and all his comrades listened with enthusiasm to explain the performance of smart stove units

Back Ahsin added, this smart stove has an efficiency of 78 percent, making it more efficient than a gas stove. This stove will also be felt to be able to meet the needs of people of all classes because it is flexible and can be adjusted to the level of electrical power of each house from 200 W to 2200 W. “Later, from ITS research, it is expected to further measure the level of efficiency,” he said.

Welcoming this synergy, ITS Rector Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng assessed the track record of its and PLN Group’s relationship is quite close. This closeness continues and hopefully can continue to benefit the nation, country, and institution. He admits the energy transition about this smart stove is becoming an eye-catching thing. “So we will try to do reverse-engineering,” said the rector who is often called Ashari.

Direktur PT Indonesia Power Muhammad Ahsin Sidqi dan Direktur Bisnis Regional Sumatera Kalimantan PT PLN (Persero) yang terhubung secara daring saat penyerahan CSR

Director of PT Indonesia Power Muhammad Ahsin Sidqi and Regional Business Director of Sumatera Kalimantan PT PLN (Persero) connected online during the CSR submission

By holding the concept of PT IP, the Professor of Electrical Engineering said that ITS has prepared several expert lecturers in this research, one of whom is a high-voltage electrician. The enthusiasm of experts in ITS, including those related to the field of electrical experts such as the Department of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering is very large and immediately interested and willing to do research. “Hopefully it can be a local product from ITS because ITS is determined to focus on innovation,” said this bespectacled man.

In line with the vision of electric-lifestyle delivered by PLN, Ashari considered this in accordance with the products that have been developed by ITS through four clusters of ITS Science Techno Park (STP). Starting from gesits motorcycles that are electric from automotive clusters, RAISA smart robots from ICT Robotics clusters, unmanned electric cars (i-Car) capable of running on routes up to unmanned ships (i-Boat) from maritime clusters to deliver logistics to the islands.

Direktur Operasi PT Indonesia Power Bambang Anggono (kanan atas) sebagai inisiator program CSR dan General Manager PT PLN (Persero) Puslitbang Ir Iswan Prahastono MPhil (kanan bawah)Operations Director of PT Indonesia Power Bambang Anggono (top right) as initiator of CSR program and General Manager of PT PLN (Persero) Puslitbang Ir Iswan Prahastono MPhil (bottom right)

Successfully pursuing this innovative development, Ashari said ITS received this smart stove with curiosity and will soon try to reconstruct with local components. So that it can be made cheaper, easier, and has a lot of capacity in order to be accepted by the community.

Of course, continued Ashari, this will be a remarkable change if it can be implemented in the near future. “We on behalf of ITS thank you for your trust and cooperation, hopefully the results can be accepted and felt by the public,” he concluded.

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Jajaran pimpinan ITS dengan perwakilan dari PT Indonesia Power yang hadir langsung di Gedung Rektorat ITS

Its leadership with representatives from PT Indonesia Power who were present at the ITS Rectorate Building

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