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October 27, 2020 23:10

ITS Challenges Foreign Students in a Creative Vlog Competition

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Paulino Gamboa, one of ITS foreign students, when explaining his experience studying at the Centre for Languages and Cultures ITS in his creative vlog as a method to learn Bahasa Indonesia

Kampus ITS, ITS News Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) maintains consistency in carrying out its mission as a world-class university. From year to year, the data shows that the number of foreign students who chose to pursue studies at ITS continues to increase. Centre for Languages and Cultures ITS, as a center for foreign students to learn Bahasa Indonesia, implements not just the traditional method, but also new and creative teaching ways. This time, the foreign students were challenged to take part in a creative vlog competition that was held in early October.

Ratna Rintaningrum SS MEd PhD, Manager of Centre for Languages and Cultures ITS, explained that the majority of foreign students who come to study ITS usually do not understand Bahasa Indonesia. To support the study activities of foreign students, Centre for Languages and Cultures ITS organized the Indonesian Language learning program for Foreign Speakers (BIPA). The program aimed to serve as an aid for foreign students to be able to use Bahasa Indonesia properly and correctly.

Unlike other usual learning activities, BIPA was conducted in a comfortable and fun method. One of the breakthroughs in the BIPA curriculum for foreign students was a form of learning that is competitive. “This is done to encourage learning for foreign students who initially cannot do anything yet,” added Ratna.

The competition had challenged foreign students to show off their ability in using Bahasa Indonesia. Participants were required to speak and deliver stories packaged as a creative vlog. “This event serves as proof of the students’ hard work in learning Indonesian,” stated this woman.

The theme adopted was the journey and experience of foreign students in learning Indonesian. To make it easier for the contestants, participants were given guidelines on what material and content should and may be included in the vlog. “However, students are still given the freedom to be creative in producing works,” commented Ratna.

One of the experiences shared in the creative vlog of ITS foreign students.

Unexpectedly, the results of this creative vlog competition were very satisfying. Students were able to make vlogs according to their personal ideas and experiences. Each and every student’s work presented different colors and creative sides. “Alhamdulillah, it turns out that the students happily enjoyed the learning process we implement,” expressed Ratna gratefully.

The determination and effort that the teachers mustered in achieving the success of BIPA paid off when they saw the students’ different forms of sincere expressions. The success of this competition is proof that teaching and learning activities do not just include sitting in class, but it can also be innovative, which is not boring. The results of this activity will also be a measure of success in developing BIPA teaching and learning at ITS. “Hopefully, the innovations in learning activities during this pandemic will be memorable for foreign students,” she concluded. (aje/id/ory)

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