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October 15, 2020 23:10

KKNT ITS Educates the Implementation of Health Protocols

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One of the students of the ITS KKNT Team 21 when giving an explanation on how to wash hands with soap virtually

Cirebon, ITS NewsThe new era of normality requires people to adhere to the health protocols in prevention of COVID-19. Supporting this, the 21st Thematic Student Study Service of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) committed in giving education to and raising awareness of students of SDN Guntur, Cirebon City, about the implementation of health protocols through online seminars.

A member of the ITS KKNT Team 21, Safira Azzahra Yuwono, explained that the seminar with the theme of “COVID-19 Education and the Importance of Washing Hands with Soap” targeted 57 students from the sixth grade. According to her, they have the potential to become drivers for implementing health protocols in the family environment.

Even so, this student from the Biology Department continued that there were still many children who still do not understand the steps on how to wash hands properly. Knowing how to do so is very important because washing hands can kill viruses and bacteria. “We are also trying to give guidance on the correct steps of washing hands using soap,” she added.

Video playback of the proper handwashing steps by the ITS KKNT Team 21

In addition to that, this team also presented other health protocols that must be implemented. For example on how to wear a mask, maintain a safe distance from other people, and how to avoid traveling if not for urgent matters. “This needs to be thoroughly emphasized, considering that Cirebon City itself is still in the red zone status,” remarked the student.

Safira Azzahra Yuwono (left), when handing over the masks to Herlina Pusparani SPd, a teacher at SDN Guntur, Cirebon City.

Herlina Pusparani SPd, a teacher at SDN Guntur, was very grateful for this activity. For her, this team of 12 ITS students really helped in educating and raising awareness on the COVID-19 heath protocols implementation in the school environment. “Children, as well as teachers, need to have a better understanding of the health protocols,” commented this sixth-grade homeroom teacher.

Handover of the assistance in the form of hand sanitizers and face shields to Puskesmas Larangan, Cirebon City

In addition to online seminars, the ITS KKNT Team 21 also provided assistance in the form of 125 masks to the school. They also gave 50 bottles of hand sanitizers and 100 face shields to the Larangan Community Health Center, Cirebon City. “There are also health protocol campaign posters that we distributed through social media accounts,” concluded Safira. (sof/hen/ory)

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