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October 13, 2020 23:10

ITS Students Help Raise COVID-19 Awareness at SMPIT Al-Uswah Surabaya

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Group 25 of the Thematic Student Study Service program on COVID-19 when visiting SMPIT Al-Uswah, Surabaya.

Surabaya, ITS News – The lack of knowledge about the risks of COVID-19 causes people to be untroubled by the outbreak of this pandemic. Realizing this,11 students from the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), who were members of Group 25 of the Thematic Student Study Service program on COVID-19, were committed to help raise the awareness of students at SMPIT Al-Uswah Surabaya.

Annisa Ramadhani Varhana, a member of Group 25 of the Thematic Student Study Service program on COVID-19, revealed that the Thematic Student Study Service program organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture specifically raised the theme of Online COVID-19. In line with this theme, together with her colleagues, she had a mission to spread knowledge on COVID-19 to the public. “We are currently preparing several programs to support the initiative of raising awareness on COVID-19,” she explained.

Annisa, as she is familiarly called, added that the first program to be carried out was to distribute infographics and videos on COVID-19. “We conducted tests at the beginning and at the end of the program to find out the progression of public awareness on the existence of COVID-19,” she continued.

In addition, they held a webinar entitled ‘Increasing COVID-19 Alertness in the New Normal Era’. This webinar, which was open to the public, disseminated information about the introduction of COVID-19 as well as its dangers and prevention steps. “At the end of the event, we conducted tests and gave prizes to three winners,” stated Annisa.

Handover of placards and symbol of assistance to Dimas Iqbal Spd as the Principal of SMPIT Al-Uswah School.

Before ending the activity, the team awarded a placard to the school as a tribute and symbol of their gratitude. On top of that, they presented further assistance in the form of hand sanitizers, face shields, and masks for the school. “We hope that this can help the teaching and learning process because there are also teachers on duty at the school every day,” she concluded.

Other than Annisa, Group 25 which was supervised by Juan Pandu GNR SSi MT, consisted of Titah Anggraeni Putri Kinasih, Kafila Arzy Safitri, Zahrotin Jamilah, Amanda Putri Widyanti, Griselda Nabilah Aurellia, Milania Annisa Rosvin, Yoga Satria Iswandaru, Gilang Pramata Wardhana, Fachri Almawali Abil Fida, and Kartika Wijaya. All eleven students of this group were students of the Geophysical Engineering Department. (meg/hen/ory)

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