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Thursday, November 26, 2020
October 13, 2020 23:10

ITS Dominates the 2020 Regional Indonesian Robot Championship

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Tim Ichiro, tim robot Sepak Bola Humanoid dari ITS yang berjaya di KRI 2020 Regional II

Team Ichiro, the Humanoid Football robot team from ITS, who was triumphant at the 2020 Indonesian Robot Championship of the 2nd Regional

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) once again showed its credibility and excellence in the world of Indonesian robotics. This time, the ITS Robotics Team won a number of titles at the 2020 Indonesian Robot Championship of the 2nd Regional, which was held online for three days and lasted until Sunday (11/10).

The supervising coordinator of the ITS Robotics Team, Rudy Dikairono ST MT, explained that Team Ichiro and Team Iris successfully achieved first place in the Indonesian Football Robot Championship. The Ichiro Team won the Humanoid category, while the Iris Team successfully competed and won in the Wheeled category. “In addition, the Iris Team also received the best strategy award,” bragged Rudy.

Robot Ichiro ITS (layar kiri) bertarung denfan robot R-Scuad dari Universitas Ahmad Dahlan saat perebutan juara 1 KRI Regional II

ITS Ichiro Robot (on the left screen) competing with the R-Scuad robot from the Ahmad Dahlan University during the finals of the 2020 Indonesian Robot Championship of the 2nd Regional

He further elaborated that there were four main divisions at this 2nd Regional Championship, namely the Humanoid Football Robot Championship, Wheeled Football Robot Championship, Indonesian Dance Robot Contest, and the Fire Fighting Robot Contest. At the Humanoid category of the Indonesian Football Robot Championship of the 2nd Regional, Team Ichiro won first place in the running, dribbling, and robot cooperation competitions. On the other hand, at the Indonesian Dance Robot Contest, the ITS V-Rose Team achieved third place. “ITS sent a team for all categories,” emphasized this ITS Electrical Engineering lecturer.

The struggle of all the teams during this pandemic was quite heavy because not all team members could come to the campus. This caused a considerable reduction on the number of members who can work hands-on compared to before. In addition, the division of workload and time was tighter due to the team needing to meet the expected targets while adhering to health protocols. “All team members were required to do a rapid test,” he added.

Robot humanoid Ichiro ITS (layar kiri) saat menghadapi robot Eros dari PENS di babak semifinal yang digelar secara online

The Humanoid ITS Ichiro Robot (on the left screen) when facing the Eros robot from PENS during the semifinal round

Not just that, the team also had to adapt to the new regulations of the competition. Rudy mentioned that several divisions adopted completely new rules due to it being held online. 

The new regulations used in this online match were certainly a challenge for the ITS Robotics Team. “This challenge is proof that the ITS Team is excellent in adaptation and creativity, as proven by the success of the team in many divisions,” identified this ITS alumnus class of 1999.

Tim Iris, tim robot Sepak Bola Beroda dari ITS yang juga berjaya di KRI 2020 Regional II

The Iris Team, a Wheeled Football robotics team from ITS who also won at the 2020 Indonesian Robot Championship of the 2nd Regional

In the future, the I TS Robotics Team will improve the performance of their existing robots. Several new strategies had emerged from the evaluation of the matches that were carried out. “With the current achievements, we are very confident in defending the title of the third overall winner at the National Indonesian Robot Championship this year,” he stated optimistically. (vi/ory/ITS Public Relations)

Tim Robotika ITS yang telah berhasil mendominasi juara dalam KRI 2020 Regional II

The ITS Robotics Team, who succeeded in dominating the 2020 Indonesian Robot Championship of the 2nd Regional

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