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Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Develop Indoor Planting Applications, ITS Students Win Gold Medals

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ITS Campus, ITS News – The Covid-19 pandemic did not deter students of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) from achieving even on the international scene. This time, the team from the Department of Computer Engineering students took home the gold medal at the 6th Southeast Asian Agricultural Engineering Student 2020 held by Universitas Brawijaya together with the Malaysian Society of Agricultural and Food Engineers (MSAE).


They are Awang Ivananto Adi, Muhammad Luthfi, and Tiara Bening Salsabila. Starting from urban land problems, this team of 2018 students initiated an innovation called My Tanaman as a land processing solution in the community.

Awang Ivananto Adi menunjukkan aplikasi My Tanaman di ponsel smartphone

Awang Ivananto Adi shows My Tanaman app on smartphone

Awang as the team leader explained, My Tanaman is an application based on Wireless Sensor Network. Later the application can be directly related to the database and modules of the device embedded in the planting space box. “My Tanaman is a box that serves as a planting space designed to be able to control its condition to fit the needs of plants,” he said.


Earlier, Tiara Bening Salsabila, one of the team members revealed that her team first reviewed the natural conditions. “The condition of the planting room is manipulated so that it is suitable to cultivate vegetables outside the natural habitat of the plant,” explained the student who is often called Bening.


My Tanaman offers technology and applications that are integrated into one system. In addition to creating planting space with indoor planting techniques, My Tanaman is designed using materials that are safe for plants. “My Tanaman is designed in such a way that it can control the conditions in the planting room just by using a smartphone,” added Bening.

Tiara Bening Salsabila, salah satu anggota tim menunjukkan aplikasi My Tanaman

Tiara Bening Salsabila, one of the team members shows My Tanaman application

The innovation proposal, which also received a silver medal in the poster competition category, offers features in the form of sensor data that is read in real-time with a specific delay. Indicators used include temperature, humidity, lighting, and so on that are related to the monitor of the condition of the planting room.


Besides, added Awang again, My Tanaman also has a control feature where users can turn on systems such as fans, artificial moisture makers, and growing lights to be able to control conditions in the planting room. “Thanks to the integrated system database in the box, the data of the condition of the planting space can be stored, which can be displayed in the form of charts in the My Tanaman Application,” explained Awang.


Not only that, Awang also explains the uniqueness of this application. That is, in one application can not only monitor and control one box, but up to four boxes of planting space. Also each box does not have to use the same user, but instead it can be accessed by other users, making the job easier.


“The analogy is that in one housing there are 12 boxes with three application users, they can coordinate with each other by changing shifts to monitor and control the conditions in the planting room to remain stable so that they can produce vegetables as expected,” he explained.

Tampilan aplikasi My Tanaman, rancangan tim mahasiswa ITS

My Tanaman app view, designed by ITS student team

Although this app and its devices are still in the form of trials, Awang hopes that in the future this app can be developed and improved in such a way. “So that My Tanaman can be used comfortably and usefully for the community, both in Indonesia and around the world,” he concluded.(dya/rev/ITS Public Relations)

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