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Saturday, October 24, 2020
September 21, 2020 16:09

ITS Officially Launches Smart Village in Dolly’s Ex-Localization

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Photo of the local community and ITS Abmas Team in front of Kampung Pintar which has been inaugurated

ITS Campus, ITS News – Improvement in the quality of education must be done at every level of society, not least those who live in the former Dolly Localization area. Realizing that, the Community Service Team (Abmas) of ITS successfully inaugurated Kampung Pintar to improve the knowledge of the local community, Saturday (19/9).

Head of Field Companion Lecturer Team, Dr Kartika Nuswantara SPd MPd said, Kampung Pintar was built by transforming The Integrated Service Post (Posyandu) into a study room for children. “Posyandu which is only used incidentally can be more useful if it becomes an open learning place for the local community,” said the woman who is familiarly called Kartika.

To enjoy Kampung Pintar facilities, people can visit from seven in the morning to eight nights to enjoy about 500 book titles that can be read for free. Kartika believed it can improve the reading ability of the community which is the root of all problems. “I think a lot of kids can’t solve their problems just because they don’t want to read,” she said.

In dependence on PT Telkom Indonesia, Kampung Pintar is also facilitated with a free internet network that can be used by the surrounding community. In addition, there is also a computer unit containing a virtual library and various works by students with ITS Students Community Service (KKN). “The goal is for people to access useful information from the outside world,” added the lecturer who often devotes herself to the community.

Look at the cheerful kids taking part in healthy internet training

Furthermore, in this two-day activity, ITS also provides training adjusted to the age level of the local community. For high school students, ITS provides website creation training, especially for uploading learning materials to the website. Meanwhile, mothers are provided with child learning assistance materials. “Because, the mother is the main companion, more so when studying online as it is now,” she added.

Then, elementary and junior high school students are given healthy internet training to reduce internet use abuse. They are guided directly by some ITS lecturers by playing more useful games. “With this mentoring and training, hopefully, Kampung Pintar will become independent after its Abmas program is complete,” said this bespectacled woman hopefully.

Also present at the event, Kupang Gunung Timur resident Rina Mei was very grateful to ITS for providing assistance since last December until now. Especially now, children can play to Kampung Pintar to learn to read. ” “Hopefully more and more students can participate in activities that are very beneficial for this community,” she concluded.


Photo of Abmas ITS Team with Kupang Gunung Timur community

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