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September 19, 2020 16:09

Introducing Campuses, ITS Challenges New Students 2020 Through Minecraft

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Penampakan bundaran ITS yang telah selesai proses pengerjaan di Minecraft

The finished sighting of ITS roundabout in Minecraft

ITS Campus, ITS News – Campus introduction has become an annual college activity in Indonesia. Featuring it differently, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) introduced its campus by challenging all new students 2020 to build their own department building through minecraft games as well as enlivened Lustrum XII ITS.


Explained by Hadziq Fabroyir SKom Ph.D., lecturer of the Department of Informatics ITS that new students of the class of 2020 from each department, can be assisted by their seniors, are required to make their department building on the land that has been provided. “All students who wish to contribute to build their Department building can immediately list on the form that has been submitted to the previous group of new students of the class of 2020,” said the head of the virtual world constructor team of ITS Minecraft game.


As Hadziq said, the new student class of 2020 of each department can also apply for up to three people to be given a mandate as team leaders to manage who can build on the land. In cooperation with kakatoagames, the game system has also been designed by eliminating the destruction function to avoid cheating in the building process.

Hadziq Fabroyir SKom PhD, dosen Departemen Teknik Informatika ITS yang menjadi ketua dari tim konstruktor dunia virtual dari permainan Minecraft

Hadziq Fabroyir SKom Ph.D., lecturer of Department Informatics ITS who is chairman of the virtual world constructor team of Minecraft games

For departments that do not yet have separate buildings, Hadziq continued, participants can contact the committee for agreement with other departments located in the same building. Beside, departments that are still joining buildings belonging to other units in ITS are also allowed to build the whole building, such as libraries, science towers, and others.


In addition to being required to build as similarly as possible, said Hadziq, new students are also allowed to add other ornaments that can beautify their building. “The development process, which will end on October 28, is also reported weekly progress that will be published on certain social media,” he explained.


Hadziq explained that if the new students from each department who managed to build the building will get a prize in the form of first to the third winner, as well as the favorite champion. Some of the main assessments in this challenge are similarities, aesthetics, number of likes, viewer, comments, and so on.

Peta kampus Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) secara virtual

Virtual Campus map of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)

According to Hadziq, in addition to getting to know the campus better, this kind of activity will also increase the togetherness of new students from each department. A sense of kinship to their seniors will also be formed because surely new students will need help from their seniors who are more aware of the building form of the department.


In the future, Hadziq also hopes that with the virtual version of ITS building can be one way to introduce ITS to the public. In enliven the 122nd graduation of ITS in the near future, it is planned to be a virtual procession which is the culture of ITS in every previous graduation procession.

Permainan minecraft juga dapat dimainkan dengan menggunakan ponsel pintar maupun tablet

Minecraft games can also be played using smartphones or tablets

In the long term, too, the Head of Section for Information System Development of Directorate of Technology and Information System Development ITS (DPTSI) added, if there will be a plan to create a kind of virtual classroom for online lecture purposes. “So students can move their avatars and eliminate boredom with today’s online lecture system that only sees through zoom,” he concluded. (sof/rev/ITS Public Realtion)

Gedung Grha Sepuluh Nopember ITS yang akan menjadi tempat wisuda dalam rancangan di Minecraft

ITS Ghra Sepuluh Nopember Building which will be the graduation venue in the design in Minecraft

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