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September 17, 2020 11:09

Tips for College Scholarships and Work in Sakura Country from ITS Alumnus

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Shelvy Elvina Santoso (top right corner) begins her presentation session on a Talkshow for post-college life

ITS Campus, ITS News – Post-campus life is what students fear for its uncertainty. But according to Shelvy Elvina Santoso on Talkshow x Training for Job Seeker, this fear can be minimized with good preparation on yourself. This event was organized by the Department of Civil Infrastructure Engineering of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Saturday (12/9).

Shelvy, as the keynote speaker revealed, going straight to work after graduation is a great option especially for those looking for financial stability. However, self-development is also no less important. “I used to feel like I wasn’t thriving in my work, so I chose to continue my master’s degree,” she said.

Choosing to continue education certainly raises new issues again, such as tuition fees and length of time. Therefore, according to Shelvy, scholarship is the solution. “In addition, insight into how to choose the right overseas education scholarship is very important, because it can be a guarantee of work after graduation,” she said.

Shelvy added that for students who graduate without work experience there is no need to worry because not all scholarships require applicants to have work experience. However, work experience can be a plus for applicants. “As on my scholarship, having work experience becomes an advantage in the selection process,” she added.

In choosing a campus when studying abroad, shelvy explained, prospective students need to do a lot of checking and research, one of which is the ranking and reputation of the campus. “Another important thing that is seen is the reputation and supervisors of the department as well as campus cooperation with various industries,” she explained

This is what Shelvy has implemented while looking for campus in Sakura State. Toyama Prefectural University is a great campus in reputation and industrial cooperation. “This is what made me choose the campus,” said a student with water risk research in Indonesia’s new capital.

Shelvy ELvina Santoso (top right) shares her experience in choosing to study in Japan

Before going to the campus, added Shelvy, prospective students also need to do research for their supervisors. This supervisor will guide students during college, so they need to know their activities, activities, and skills. “My supervisor has a lot of experience, he works in one of the ministries in Japan, so he has a lot of networking,” she said.

The reason Shelvy chose to study and work in Japan is because the Samurai Country is included in the World’s Top 3 Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Shelvy added, the country has many job requests for engineers. “The number of parents in Japan is very large, while the birth rate is smaller. Therefore, the needs of foreign engineers are needed there,” she continued

At the end of the session, this woman from Surabaya explained that what needs to be mastered in order to study in Japan is to master the language, be good at using a computer, have a lot of experience outside of academics, have a prominent ability, and know the culture. “At the beginning, I still didn’t know about Japanese language and culture, so I found it difficult to adapt. But I’m constantly learning to fit in here,” she said.(ri/qin/rev)

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