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ITS Promote Home Gardening For Family Food Security

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Lets Do Home Gardening webinars are held through the Zoom app

ITS Campus, ITS News – COVID-19 Pandemic did not weaken ITS in support of the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) campaign. Especially in the family food security efforts, ITS through the Smart Eco Development Campus, then held a webinar with the title Mari Berkebun di Rumah, on Wednesday (29/7).

To end the poverty chain, gap reduction, and environmental protection are common agreements in SDGs. The webinar moderated by Herdayanto Sulistyo Putro SSi MSi, then present as a manifestations effort by encouraging people to gardening at home. Because with one form of urban farming, hopefully, it can be a solution to fulfill the needs of family food.

Acting as a speaker, Sita Pujianto shared her experience in the urban area of this online meeting. According to Sita, urban farming that is synonymous with limited land is so important to learn. Given the high cost that needs to be spent on the vegetable and fruit, especially the organic one. “So that we can do it (urban farming, red) anywhere, even on the porch of our own house,” said this zero waste activists.

Sita Pujianto when giving exposure related to urban farming

Furthermore, Sita explained that there are three main keys to conducting urban farming, namely soil conditions, crop varieties, and climate. And if you want an organic concept, then indeed, the important element is in good soil condition. The activists of the Jakarta Berkebun community also practiced the way to cultivate the media planting directly from the garden terrace. Sita revealing the proportion of soil, burning husk, and good compost is 1:1:1, where the burning husk has an important role to facilitate the circulation of air in the soil.

In addition to planting media, Sita also alludes to pests in plants. As an indicator of the quality of the plant and its ecosystem balance, pests should not be washed by using pesticides. According to Sita, a more precise solution for tackling pest problems is to prevent his return. “For plants that are attacked by own pests, usually I just cut a few leaves that are attacked or if not allow me will unplug the whole so as not to disturb the life of the other crops,” said Sita.

Gardening practices that are broadcast directly through the Zoom app

At the conclusion of his presentation, Sita reveals the most important thing when doing urban farming during this pandemic that is the purpose of the implementation of the activity. People are encouraged to focus on the fulfillment of organic plants according to their needs. “If gardening because it is to provide family food availability, we can focus on the vegetables that we often consume,” she concluded.

On the other hand, ITS head of Smart Eco Campus development Unit, Susi Agustina Wilujeng ST MT gives ITS response to gardening in the home as a lot of activities to save benefits. Not only supporting family food needs, but home gardening can also be a joint contribution to improve the quality of the environment. “Hopefully, everyone will be invited to gardening knowing the benefits,” said Susi. (jev/yok/Anjani)

Susi Agustina Wilujeng ST MT dalam webinar Mari Berkebun di Rumah

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