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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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ITS Student Design Rescue Car for All Terrain

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mobil AC-SAR ITS

Visualization of AC-SAR on various terrains with changes in the wheels

ITS Campus, ITS News – Students of ITS again having achievement at the world level. This time, Made Arya Satria Dewangga of Department of Industrial Product Design managed to got Judge’s Award with his design work called Audi Convert-Search and Rescue Edition (AC-SAR) on the Michelin Challenge Design 2020, themed Upcycle, not long ago.

Made, his nickname, explains that AC-SAR is the design of search and rescue cars (SAR) that are capable of running in difficult and diverse terrain that exist around the world. This car design utilizes uni-ball, which is different types of tires with different terrain functions that are spherical. “Uni-ball technology is suitable for the car SAR because it can support operations in various terrain,” he said.

Made said the AC-SAR modified the 2017 winning car design Audi ConverT by Jeon Min Woo and Nam Dong Hoon which is the design for the LeMans race car. Made utilizing car chassis or bones and uni-ball technology which was then modified in such a way as to become a rescue car. “There are some adjustments in the interior and exterior of the car to meet the functions and standards as a worldwide rescue car,” he explained.

mobil AC-SAR ITS

Made Arya Satria Dewangga, students of ITS Industrial Product Design department showed the design of car air conditioning-SAR

Made revealed that there is also another supporting design to facilitate the mission of SAR. First, Quick Scan Diagnosis is a technology to get quick Diagnosis results for injured victims. Secondly, Reusable Tire is a car tire that can return to the shape of the ball when removed or replaced so it can be used in other missions.

Further Made, there is also a Search Drone a multifunctional assistant that is nimble and flexible to reach difficult areas and can lift Supa-Med Box or a medical box that contains all the needs of victims. Finally, Electric Winch is useful to support the car when stuck in the mud or rocks, as well as pulling victims to the lakeshore.

The creation of AC-SAR is a fruit of the curiosity of Denpasar’s origin of the world SAR. According to him, the current SAR car, designed only for one special terrain for optimal performance. So it requires different car models and specifications for each terrain to be taken. For example, a car for a mission in a forest differs from the ice field.

mobil AC-SAR ITS

Interior design and sketch on car AC-SAR designed by Industrial Product Designs ITS student

Made gave an example application of AC-SAR in the real terrain of Mount Batur, Bali. There are different types of terrain that range from volcanic rocks, forests, to muddy soils. When an adventurer gets injured and needs help, the regular SAR cars will be difficult and can take days. “This is where the AC-SAR is a role, the evacuation operation can be more effective,” he claims.

Not only that, continued youth birth of 1999, AC-SAR that applies the principle of upcycle has environmentally friendly and sustainable principles. Upcycle itself is a transfer of the function of a product or design that has ever been creative to have a new value more than the previous design. “The utilization of this old design can reduce the waste generated by the previous car production,” he explained.

The 2017 students said this AC-SAR is a complete package that supports economic, social, and environmental aspects. Although not expecting much that this design can be realized in the near term, but he hopes to inspire the general public. “Hopefully AC-SAR can inspire other individuals to work on and pour out other wild ideas,” he said hopefully.

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