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Saturday, August 08, 2020
July 27, 2020 09:07

UTBK Ends, 600 Participants at ITS Declared Deciduous from SBMPTN

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Para peserta UTBK saat mengikuti ujian di ITS

The participants of UTBK taking the exam at ITS

ITS Campus, ITS News – Computer-based exam (UTBK) for 2020 has reached its last day, Saturday (25/7). ITS ended the event of the second phase of UTBK smoothly.

According to ITS education director Dr Eng Siti Machmudah ST MEng, the total number of UTBK participants who took the exam at ITS is 13,980 participants. “The participants divided into two phases, the first phase of 6,730 participants and the second stage amounted to 7,250 participants,” she explained.

Machmudah also explained that in the implementation of UTBK in ITS there are some participants who can not take the exam. This is due to several factors such as reactive rapid test results and unknown reasons. “For the first stage alone there are 564 participants with 119 of them are reactive, currently for the second stage there are 600 participants who do not take the exam,” she added.

This chemical engineering lecturer also explained, for the UTBK participants who did not follow this second stage were declared deciduous, including those expressed reactive. Because there is no relocation procedure transfer of exam schedules from the center. “For participants who are considered reactive second stage is automatically declared deciduous to follow UTBK and not pass SBMPTN,” she asserted.

Salah satu protokol kesehatan yang diterapkan kepada para peserta UTBK di ITS

One of the health protocols applied to the UTBK participants at ITS

Regarding the evaluation of the implementation of UTBK, Vice-rector I of academic and student affairs of ITS Prof. Dr. Ir Adi Soeprijanto MT said, from the side of the participant can be said attendance of participants following the UTBK at ITS 90 percent. This is due to the existence of factors outside the control of the Committee such as reactive participants Covid-19. However, Adi said this reactive participant successfully handled well by ITS.

Adi continued, reactive participants in the first and second stages by ITS are always reported to the Central Committee for logging. It is possible to be given the relocation to transfer the exam schedule while the participant conducts self-quarantine for 14 days for first-stage participants. “For this reactive participant itself has actually decreased in the second stage compared to the first stage,” he added.

In addition, Adi explained that the implementation of the UTBK in ITS already implemented and upholds the health protocols. From the participants, the Committee, and the introduction already comply and adhere to the protocols that have been made. “Although in the first stage the introduction is still lacking in order, but in the second stage is better with no long queue,” said the professor of electrical engineering.

Adi added, ITS also already provides the best service and facilities. Starting from the provision of a free rapid test for participants, checking the health condition of the Committee and supervisors with rapid test, the preparation of masks and gloves for participants who do not carry, check participants at the point of checking points, until the sterilization of the room is done periodically. “This is what we do according to the standards and the SOP that has been set,” he said.

Simply known, ITS through the Central Committee’s decision of the college Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT) will provide an opportunity for 119 reactive participants in the first stage to take the exam in the third phase. The exam will be held on 30 July 2020 at ITS campus. “For the third stage of this procedure and the service is the same as the first and second phase, because the participants are the overflow of the first phase,” he explained.

Para peserta UTBK saat mengikuti ujian di ITS

The participants of UTBK taking the exam at ITS

In the end, Adi said, the participants who have taken the test are waiting to wait for the result of processed UTBK data conducted by LTMPT. Later participants could see the announcement of the results of UTBK on August 20, 2020. After that stage, then the result will be announced of their chosen College.

Adi also has a message for the second stage participants who were declared deciduous, not that they missed the opportunity to proceed to college. But there are still programs other than SBMPTN that can still be followed such as partnership and self-selection program (SKM), Vocation, and International Undergraduate Program (IUP). “So not solely missing opportunities for a lecture, but ITS and other campuses still provide the opportunity to enter the College of their choice through another path,” he said. (bob/Anjani/ITS Public Relation Officer)

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