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ITS Student Made Dentures Based on 3D-Printer with 3Dentist

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3dentist ITS

Images for 3D models of dental printers

ITS Campus, ITS News – Departing from the problem of finding a dental laboratory for tooth restoration or dental form returns like the original, pushing four ITS Students to create the latest innovations. Through a startup called 3Dentist, they made a business engaged in the production of 3D Printer-based dentures.

The four students were Naufal Prawironegoro, Hasan Basalamah, Dirvan Purnomo, and Syarifatul Aisyah. Through this innovation, they help to optimize the procurement of dentures quickly while still paying attention to the accuracy of the resulting dentures.

Naufal Prawironegoro As the team Chairman said, the 3Dentist is a business that sells dentures products with porcelain and acrylic materials that make use of 3D-based printer technology. “The selection of the name 3Dentist was chosen from 3D to represent the 3D printers and dentists to represent the teeth,” explained the student electrical engineering department.

It is said that Naufal, beginning the creation of this startup comes from a lecture assignment that raises the problem of his parents who have difficulty looking for dental laboratories for tooth restoration. So it was thought to realize the idea of making a startup that moves in the field of artificial dental production made from 3D printers. “Surely with a price that is much cheaper than the technology is now used semi-automatic CAD/CAM,” explained Naufal.

The advantage offered by the 3Dentist is the cost of manufacturing cheaper gear making, fast manufacturing time with more neat, precise, and accurate results. Even the level of its details reaches a scale of 10 microns or equivalent to 10 ^ (-6) meters.

Naufal reveals that if using 3Dentist the results are faster even in a matter of hours. “Because when compared to manual creation in dental techniques it can take some time in a matter of days and should often control to the doctor,” he added.

3dentist ITS

(From left) Hasan Basalamah, the dental technique, Naufal Prawironegoro while in the Dental Technical Laboratory

In addition to using porcelain and acrylic material, according to Naufal, the future of this product will be developed by selling dentures using other materials. Then the 3Dentist is planned to also sell its 3D printer engine, sell resin, and open maintenance services and repair a 3D printer engine.

For startup development, Naufal says, by dividing the task between the core teams to handle a specific task. As there are students who act as business development to take care of clients and relationships with investors. Hipster designs are ranging from social media, pitch decks, to proposals. The technical part that takes care of the 3D machine operators from the Assembly start molding process selection, purchasing materials, as well as research and development for the improvement of product quality.

Naufal presented the challenge in the development of this startup because the team has a background of science such as electro and machinery so that the knowledge about teeth is minimal. However, these four students received assistance from dentists who provided a transfer of knowledge about the workflow of the artificial dental business.

Then for the control is that everyone has the characteristics of different teeth. Because there is still not much experience, so Naufal and the team continue to learn about the dental conditions that the patient needs. “From the hardness of the tooth texture to the appropriate coloring,” said Naufal.

3dentist ITS

The 3Dentist Machine

For this dentures creation process starts with 3D scan and then the files obtained are converted in. stl format. It is then uploaded to a machine that is ready to print with prepared materials such as porcelain. Then set the settings through 3D slicing software, if it is then printed. “When finished, then done finishing with the use of cleansing material, ” added.

The Startup that can be accessed through is nationally recognized, proved when competing in a business contest titled Win Your Future, 3Dentist won the university’s third champion category at the beginning of last July. Naufal Prawironegoro with Hasan Basalamah successfully introduced his startup in the competition held by the University of Prasetya Mulya.

Naufal hopes this business can immediately settle because the team still adjust the product to reach Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to be acceptable to the client. “That’s to get a new product with a very simple feature but able to provide maximum results for the client,” he concluded. (naj/Anjani/ITS Public Relation Officer)

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