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Wednesday, August 05, 2020
July 05, 2020 18:07

ITS Offers Free Rapid Test for UTBK Participants With KIP of East Java

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The participants of UTBK batch I the KIP-College holder doing rapid test in Plasa Dr.Angka ITS

ITS Campus, ITS News – Related letter of the mayor of Surabaya which obliges the participants of computer-based exam (UTBK) showing the results of Rapid Test, ITS as the center of UTBK provide Rapid Test Covid-19 service for free to Indonesia smart-College (KIP-Kuliah) card holders.

Vice-Rector I of Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir Adi Soeprijanto MT confirmed that ITS provide free Rapid Test service for KIP-College holders. This assistance is intended for participants of UTBK who participated in KIP-College program and domiciled in East Java, besides Surabaya.

Furthermore, Adi said that this aid is based on the number of participants who are incapable or participants of a Bidikmisi/KIP-College program that has no cost to conduct a Rapid Test Covid-19. So ITS doing cooperation with the provincial government of East Java (Pemprov Jatim) to give Rapid Test for free for them. “Alhamdulillah, it turns out that East Java provincial government is willing to cooperate with ITS, so there is a free Rapid Test service,” he said.

The professor of electrical engineering explained, ITS also works with doctors from the provincial health office of East Java in conducting the Rapid Test for free. Later, this activity will be held at KPA Plasa Dr. Angka ITS for four days. This free service priority is for the UTBK participants especially the East Java region, except Surabaya, which follows the first batch. “The most in need is those who scheduled to do the UTBK on the first batch,” he asserted.

Queue of the UTBK participants at ITS to do the rapid test for free

For the free Rapid Test schedule, it has been started since Saturday, July 4, 2020 at 14.00-17.00. The activity was resumed from 5-7 July 2020 at 09.00-12.00. “Participants are advised to do Rapid Test one day before the implementation of UTBK,” he added.

For participants of UTBK East Java who want to follow the free Rapid Test in ITS should bring plenty of files. Among others, the UTBK participant card, East Java domicile ID, and KIP-College number. This file is carried out as proof that they are participants of UTBK who reside in East Java with KIP-College holders.

Previously, ITS and mayor of Surabaya also provide Rapid Test assistance for free for participants UTBK Special area of Surabaya and who have KIP-College. The Government of Surabaya also has been working with 63 puskesmas to do Rapid Test for free. “So the free Rapid Test service, intended for participants UTBK in East Java province who have not received such assistance in Surabaya,” he said.

With this assistance, according to Adi, the participants who participated in the KIP-College program in East Java have not lost their right to follow the UTBK. Hopefully, with this assistance the participants can have the opportunity to continue his education at the State College. (bob/Anjani/ITS Public Relation Officer)

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