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Wednesday, August 05, 2020
July 05, 2020 17:07

First Day of UTBK 2020, ITS Priority Security and Safety for Participants

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ITS rector Prof. Mochamad Ashari (left) accompanied by Vice Rector I Prof. Adi Soeprijanto (right) when watching the event of UTBK at ITS

ITS Campus, ITS News – The first day of computer-based writing exams (UTBK) 2020 at ITS, observed in accordance with health protocols. Since Sunday (5/7) morning, several checkpoint points have been packed with participants UTBK who complete the queue using masks and face shield to check the results of the rapid test file in accordance with the protocol from the mayor of Surabaya.

Prof. Dr Ir Adi Soeprijanto MT, Vice Rector I of Academic and Student Affairs explained that ITS serves 875 participants in each session which means there are 1,750 total number of participants who follow UTBK at ITS Campus every day. The number does not include 120 participants who participated in UTBK at IT campus Telkom Surabaya and participants who participated in the  Polytechnic Electronics Surabaya (PENS) and Shipping Polytechnic Surabaya (PPNS).

Behind the various preparations that have been optimally sought, Adi admitted remaining obstacles from the side of the participant. According to him, from the academic side until supervision is safe and there are no obstacles. “But the shocking thing is because of the addition of participants suddenly, the time is also short,” he said.

The addition of this participant comes from the participants who register in the center of UTBK, State University of Surabaya (Unesa). But for some reason, Unesa was not ready so that more than 18,000 participants were supposed to follow the UTBK there charged at ITS and Airlangga University (Unair). “More than 18,000 participants if divided two, then ITS and Unair each additional more than 9,000 participants,” he said.

One of UTBK participants who get checked the completeness of documents and body temperature at the checkpoint of UTBK ITS

Although overwhelmed, Adi explained that various facilities and health protocols have also been supplemented by ITS for the safety and safety of UTBK participants. One of them is with the availability of rapid test on the spot for participants who have Indonesia Smart Card-College (KIP-K), bidikmisi, also to anyone who can not afford.

“Until now (5/7), there have been registered 2,744 participants who did a rapid test at ITS. Those listed are from Surabaya, outside Surabaya, to outside East Java, “he said.

Adi added that there are 671 registered participants of the total number of people coming from Surabaya. The number is counted less compared to registered participants originating from outside Surabaya.

Furthermore, Adi said that ITS also seeks support from the city government (Pemkot) Surabaya, Provincial Government (Pemprov) East Java, CSR Unair, to ITS alumni in the procurement of rapid test. This has earned 15,000 rapid test kits from Pemkot Surabaya and 2,500 kits from East Java provincial government for the participants who are KTP Surabaya and East Java. Meanwhile, ITS also got an additional 600 kits from alumni, as well as 50 kits from CSR Unair for participants unable outside East Java. The number of rapid test kits received by it is estimated to be increased.

The atmosphere of the first day UTBK at ITS

Previously, it was reported that ITS only provide a rapid test service for participants UTBK wave one of KIP-K holder who is a KTP-ID East Java, other than Surabaya. But with some additional assistance, the criteria of participants who assisted by the free rapid test is wider, not only for the identity of East Java KTP.

This is in line with the statement of ITS Rector Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari M Eng. The rector who often called Ashari is firmly stated that ITS exerted all efforts to succeed the UTBK sustainability that is safe and comfortable for the participants. “ITS not staying silent. There is a rapid test requires that we obey and we swatch the solution,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, he added, for participants who are reactive rapid test results will be diverted to follow the UTBK in the next stage while resting and doing self-isolation.
In addition to rapid test procurement, Ashari also mentions the existence of periodic sterilization on the device and all facilities used by participants. “Every completed one session, completely sterilized. There is a time lag of approximately two hours per substitution of sessions used for sterilization, “he said.

As a result of UTBK in the midst of this unusual situation, Ashari added that ITS also add funds outside of the existing assistance to prepare all the health protocols that exist for all parties, both participants and the Committee. This, once again proved that ITS are serious in addressing the sustainability of the UTBK.

The atmosphere of the first day UTBK at ITS

The professor of electrical engineering is hoping that this year’s UTBK can be carried out smoothly. According to him, the participants do not have to feel disturbed by the ongoing UTBK in the middle of this New Normal situation. “Keep concentration, because it’s more important essence,” the message to the participants UTBK.

In addition, Ashari let anyone who wants to do a rapid test at ITS. “Hopefully this helps participants, in order UTBK success and they (participants UTBK, red) can achieve goals,” he concluded. (ra/Anjani/ITS Public Relation Officer)

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