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Wednesday, August 05, 2020
July 02, 2020 21:07

Create Covid-19 Handling System, ITS Student Team Won The Champion

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SEPIA team leader, Danu Wahyu Ramadhan, showing the design of his team’s innovations

ITS Campus, ITS News – Achievement was inscribed by Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) at the prestigious National Creadenation 2020 event at Diponegoro University, Semarang which aired online, Wednesday (1/7) ago. The team from Department of Instrumentation engineering managed to win one in the competition branch of applied technology creative ideas with the theme of the works of Resistance technology Covid-19.

Their innovations initiated in the form of SEPIA: The Airborne Disease Covid-19 infection control system for the Internet of Things-based Healthcare Suite. They are Danu Wahyu Ramadan, Tony Yurisetyo and Dicka Desta Pratama. SEPIA has the function of controlling and monitoring the air system, temperature, humidity, and sterilization anteroom using ultraviolet rays (UV), using a system based on the Internet of Things (IoT). “Air condition control in the isolation chamber of Covid-19 patients can be done through long-distance,” said Danu Wahyu Ramadhan, the team’s chairman.

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Display the SEPIA application on a smartphone to monitor the conditions of the isolation chamber remotely

Danu explained that this SEPIA is a set of tools consisting of sensors, air conditioner (AC), filters, and application monitors. The system that allows control through the computer or smartphone is the solution of the room conditioning that the officers usually do manually. “It can cut the cost of expensive isolation space,” he explained.

Students from the 2017 class explained that the control system of SEPIA is obtained from various sensors namely pressure sensor, peer sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, and speed sensor. Through the sensors, the data obtained from the sensors is processed by the output of conditioning to the actuator, which is a blower, AC, UV rays, and HEPA Filter.

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Design insulation space made from tent Flysheet

The use of each actuator is a blower or fan exhaust itself for air circulation, air conditioning to control temperature and humidity, UV rays to sterilize the space anteroom, or transit space before entering the insulation chamber, and HEPA filter to filter the air on the insulation chamber. “HEPA Filter is chosen because the level of air cleaning efficiency can reach 99.9 percent,” explained these students from Gresik.

Meanwhile, the standard conditions for the insulation chamber are the air shift speeds amounting to more than the same as 12 ACH (water circulation per hour), the temperature in the insulation chamber at the range of 22 to 24 degrees Celsius, the difference in air pressure in and outside the insulation space of 2.5 Pa, as well as the ideal humidity in the range of 50-60 percent. “The standard has been established by the Ministry of Health, and SEPIA helps to create that ideal condition more easily,” he claims.

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Member of SEPIA team, Dicka Desta Pratama

Danu explained that this SEPIA is designed to be portable and modular, making it easy to apply in any space. Based on the limitations of the hospital’s capacity that caused the Government to utilize various buildings as a treatment room for Covid-19 patients. “The Improvised isolation chamber certainly does not meet the harmful infectious disease standards, because the space since the beginning is not intended for health care,” he said.

Answering the problem of lack of insulation space, the team also designed a healthcare suite design integrated with SEPIA. The design has three types of systems in semi-permanent buildings, containers, and tent flysheet space. “Healthcare Innovation this suite aims to meet the needs of the Government regarding the insulation room,” said the student born in 1999.

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Member of SEPIA team, Tony Yurisetyo

Through these innovations, the team, which is guided by Sefi Novendra Patrialova SSi MT, hopes that SEPIA and its healthcare suite will be able to assist medical and government personnel to perform their Covid-19 patient handlers well, as well as a solution for a limited isolation room at home sakit2 that handles COVID. “We are very open when a party from governments or other agencies are interested in working together for our innovations,” he concluded. (ai/Anjani/ITS Public Relation Officer)

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