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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
June 27, 2020 15:06

ITS Does Widespread Spraying of Disinfectant against Corona Virus Pandemic

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Disinfectant Widespraying in all area of ITS Campuses to prevent Corona Virus spreading

Kampus ITS, ITS News –Regarding Corona virus outbreak in Indonesia, which has been declared a non-natural national disaster, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS) sterilizes the campus by spraying disinfectant liquid throughout the buildings and campus academic facilities.

This sterilization is taken by ITS to prevent disease outbreaks. This initiative is also to ensure that when the teaching activities are active again, the campus is free from Corona virus.

The Sterilization that began at 8:00 a.m until 4:00 p.m  was carried out by the Facilities and Infrastructure Planning and Management Directorate of ITS. “Because of emergency situation and the disinfectants are hard to come by, we use 70 percent alcohol,” said Drs Hadi Siswanto, Facilities and Infrastructure Planning and Management Bureau, who was contacted trough online message on Wednesday (3/18).


The sterilization has been begun on Monday (3/16) and will continue until March, 27. “This sterilization is carried out in all ITS campuses, both those in Manyar (campus) and Cokroaminoto (campus),” added Hadi.

Hadi explained, spraying was carried out with an electrical powered spray tool. The device is  operated by two operators. “In total, we have 10 tools with 40 spray workers who take turns sterilizing every hour,” said Hadi, who also accompanied the officers in the field.

Previously, ITS has instructed quarantine in all campus area. So, there are no activities that can disrupt the sterilization.

When asked about the next initiative to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, Hadi said that ITS will do a body temperature detection for each guest who will enter the building, “We will also urge each department to monitor related activities,” he said.(rys/HUMAS ITS)

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