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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
June 24, 2020 08:06

ITS as Assistance to Help Raise Traffic Safety Awareness

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Kesadaran Keselamatan Berlalu Lintas

Traffic Director of East Java Region and Chief Police Commissioner, Pol. Budi Indra Dermawan, SIK., MM., when explaining the topic during IAABL Talks to promote traffic safety awareness

ITS Campus, ITS News – With the enactment of new normal, the community will surely begin to implement the existing protocols in activities, including in regards to and security in traffic. For this reason, the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), the Faculty of Civic Planning and Geo Engineering was asked to collaborate with PT Astra International together with the National Traffic Corps in the socialization of traffic safety during the Covid-19 pandemic through a webinar entitled “Indonesia Ayo Aman Lintas Lintas (IAABL) Talks x Korlantas Kampus Pelopor Keselamatan Berlalu Lintas (KaPeKa) Chapter: IT for Road Safety” which translates to Indonesia for Traffic Safety Talks x Traffic Corps of Traffic Safety Pioneer Campus Chapter: IT for Road Safety, on Monday (6/22).

Director of Security and Safety of the Indonesia Traffic Corps, Brig. Pol. Dr. Chrysnanda Dwilaksana, MS., mentioned that Indonesia is a vast country. This vast country certainly requires high productivity to run smoothly. “This productivity must be supported by an orderly, safe, and smooth traffic,” he emphasized.

Kesadaran Keselamatan Berlalu Lintas

Bondan Susilo, PT Astra International Head of the CSR Department during the webinar

Head of the CSR Department at PT Astra International, Bondan Susilo, explained that based on research that has been carried out over the last few years, it was found that most of the causes of traffic accidents are human factors and the biggest accident victims are in the productive age. “Because of the various curriculum that still does not fully integrate traffic security fully,” he revealed.

During this pandemic, he continued, traffic safety is not only about preventing accidents anymore, but there are health aspects that also need attention. The use of safety equipment such as helmets, jackets, footwear, and masks, are important now. “Back then, it was maybe used to filter out the dust on the streets, but now, it is also applicable to filter out existing viruses,” elaborated Bondan.

Kesadaran Keselamatan Berlalu Lintas

Director of Security and Safety of the Indonesia Traffic Corps, Brig. Pol. Dr. Chrysnanda Dwilaksana, MS., when giving a speech during the IAABL Talks

In line with what was stated earlier, the Head of Sub Directorate of Dikmas Ditkamsel Korlantas Polri Chief Police Commissioner, Darto Juhartono, MM., said that since the PSBB or the Big Scale Social Limitations was appointed, traffic jams have begun to emerge. “Like in Jakarta, this traffic jam is caused by the increasing number of motorized vehicles on the streets as a result of limiting the number of passengers in public and private vehicles,” he conveyed.

Nevertheless, East Java Regional Police Director General Pol. Sr. Comr. Budi Indra Dermawan, SIK., MM., added that during this pandemic, the number of traffic accidents was significantly reduced. “Compared to 2019, until now the number of traffic accidents has decreased significantly, this is certainly due to the fact that there were fewer people driving during the pandemic,” he expressed during the webinar.

The Head of the CSR Department at PT Astra International, Bondan Susilo (top right corner), when explaining IAABL or Indonesia for Traffic Safety during the webinar

Meanwhile, Bondan continued, Astra has established a Safety Riding Center in Yogyakarta with the aim to educate the general public of various ages how to drive a safe motorcycle. He also added that this pandemic had the same relationship with security in the traffic. “This pandemic is similar to traffic security, we must be able to protect ourselves to be able to protect others,” he expressed.

Bondan also appealed to students to take part in raising public awareness of traffic safety. With the existence of social media, it is very easy for us to use information technology for mutual benefit. “Because I see that Indonesia has a high level of solidarity, in this pandemic alone many have opened and donated donations to those in need. So let us together increase public awareness about traffic safety,” he concluded with motivation. (ri/ory/ITS Public Relations)

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