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ITS Support Student Entrepreneurship Through Innovative Startups

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startup inovatif ITS

ITS vice Rector IV Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng Ph.D. gave greetings in the webinar

ITS Campus, ITS News-Startup is the current trend, becoming one of the opportunities for students who want to become entrepreneurs especially on technology-based products. As one form of support, The Directorate of Innovation and the Science Technology Area (DIKST) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) held a webinar titled Opportunity and Challenge Innovative Startup College and Launching of Startup grants, Tuesday (23/6).

In his speech, ITS vice Rector IV Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng Ph.D. said, ITS supports entrepreneurship from its students to produce products that benefit the community.

This is also revealed by the director of DIKST ITS Achmad Affandi DEA so that this webinar can be an inspiration for the students. “This is the socialization of opportunities and challenges to build startups in universities, as well as collaboration with Governments and other parties,” said Affandi.

Meanwhile, ITS lecturer who is also the founder of automotive startup Dr. Muhammad Nur Yuniarto said, the requirement in the manufacture of startups is the intention to create a product. “Either there is a market or not it’s business later, which must be there to make that startup a spirit,” he said.

The lecturer, familiarly called Nur, said the startup was born when the surrounding environment was not ready or even collided. Also, developing a startup is a very long process, even in the development step of the startup itself, there is a possibility of ‘ death ‘.

startup inovatif ITS

Dr. Muhammad Nur Yuniarto as the founder of automotive startup speaker at the webinar on Opportunity and Challenge Innovative Startup College and Launching of Startup grants

He continued, what must be held by the founder of the startup is to imagine how life in the future and keep the product to survive or continue. “Do not have to imagine years ahead, but imagine the ability of the product survives for one second to the next,” said the lecturer of Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The lecturer who also has created of electric cars and electric motors in ITS was added, a startup founder must also be able to see problems and solutions. “To dare to dream and dare loose, these brave characters exist in students,” he motivates.

Another speaker, Ahmad Adib PhD also reveals, the current creative business idea is also no less important. Because, later the creative industry can not be replaced by machines, so it can continue to bring up the job field for human beings.

Besides, Indonesia has a high potential to develop startups. There are many things in Indonesia but not owned by other countries. “Like our natural wealth, our culture, our language, and so forth,” said lecturer from Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS).

startup inovatif ITS

Ahmad Adib Ph.D., one of the speakers at the webinar about the Opportunity and Challenge Innovative Startup College and Launching of Startup grants

This webinar activity is also used as the socialization of the launching of the incubator Startup Grant 2020 by Ir Baroto Tavip I MSi as Senior manager of incubator and innovative business services. The role of an incubator is to ensure that the startup can survive. “The focus of incubators is divided into several areas, namely creative design, ICT and robotic, automotive and transportation, maritime, pharmaceutical and medical, as well as foods, tourism, and events,” he explained.

Later on, further lecturer of Departement of Visual Communication Design (DKV), in the incubator will be there are several facilities to support the continuity of startup products. Such as coaching and mentoring facilities that support startups in and as per the startup titles and other related facilities. Furthermore, there is a co-working space, which provides discussion rooms and startup support development facilities.

In addition, there are also networking facilities to expand student relationships, increased investments, and markets. Then there are product prototyping facilities to develop products from lab scale to industrial scale, and there are promotional branding facilities. “For branding concepts, all products don’t have to have a branding and marketing concept before, as we’ll help,” he said. (vi/rev/ITS Public Relations)

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