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May 30, 2020 15:05

Achieving Award from Ministry Research And Technology /BRIN, ITS Lecturer Becomes First Rank in Scopus

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Prof. Drs Ec Ir Riyanarto Sarno MSc Ph.D., Departement of Informatics Engineering lecturer, ranked 1st in Scopus rating by Ministry of Research And Technology/BRIN

ITS Campus, ITS News-Achievement won by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) from the scientific field, namely Prof. Drs Ec Ir Riyanarto Sarno MSc Ph.D. who successfully achieved the first rank on Scopus rating. This good news was announced by the Ministry of Research and Technology/BRIN through video conference, Thursday (28/5).

Beside the Scopus ranking, the conference also delivered 500 performance rating list of Indonesian scientists 2020 based on the Science and Technology Index (SINTA). In addition to the name of Prof. Riyanarto Sarno of the Department of Informatics Engineering, there are 23 names of ITS Other research lecturers who entered in large 500 with the best performance.

Agus M Hatta ST. MSI Ph.D., director of research and community service mentions that from the 23 researchers, two of them entered the top 20. “One of them is Prof Riyanarto, who also got the first position in Scopus rating,” he said.

SINTA itself is an innovative information system of science that aims to measure the innovation of networking systems of researchers. “The result of the accumulated score this year, Prof Riyanarto successfully reached the score of 6,893 in the fourth rank,” said the lecturer who often called Hatta.

Meanwhile, Prof Riyanarto Sarno explains that SINTA summarizes the conference and Journal publication Data, as well as a quality based on the Scopus index criteria. Over the past three years, the number of successful publications of Scopus was indexed as 48 articles and 142 conferences.

List of the top 10 performance rankings of Indonesian scientists in 2020 based on SINTA, where ITS lecturers were ranked 4th and 6th

In terms of the scientific publication, the SINTA Award winner 2019 in the category of the prolific scientific writer mentions what areas of interest. “Among those areas are related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,” he said. More specifically, he added, which aims to be implemented in the field of Medical, Enterprise, Process Mining, and Business Process Management.

The effort to complicate this scientific activity was done by Riyan, his familiar greeting, by often providing mentoring to his students, either at the undergraduate, magister and doctoral level, to participate in conducting research. “Then, the research can be a publication and used by other students or researchers,” he explained.

Also, Riyan says that the key to this scientific research and publication is focused and actively collaborating. In line with what was delivered by this University, Canada graduate lecturer, Hatta said that it supports the promotion of research activities in the campus environment by establishing partners from both domestic and overseas.

For his achievement as the first rank Scopus of 197,490 researchers in Indonesia, he hopes to be the motivation of other lecturers, researchers, and students, especially in ITS, to improve the research activities to find inventions and innovations. “Hopefully, from there will appear scientific publications and the work can be eliminated into a product of economic value,” said Riyan full of hope. (qaf/rev/ITS Public Relations)

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