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Dolen, Online Shopping at Traditional Market Price by ITS Student

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The interface of Dolen’s online shopping site by ITS student

ITS Campus, ITS News – Although Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic (Covid-19) is still not getting better yet, but the spirit of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) students to work is not broken. This time comes from the students of Program Digital Marketing Camp (DMC) ITS, which creates an online shopping site for daily needs named Dolen.

Dolen’s shopping site provides affordable goods and offers Grocery stor- class services.

According to Chandra Kartika Ahmad Ibrahim, one of the students who participated in creating Dolen, this online shopping site is a form of concern for others amid the spread of Coronaviruses. “For us, Dolen not only exists during study at home but also being useful contribution to this nation especially in the 75th anniversary of Indonesia later,” he said.

The site that started from latest Kartini Day on 21st April has its own philosophical meaning in its naming. The student who is familiarly called Chandra explains that when translated in the Surabayan, Dolen means going out, as for merchants it could mean selling. “So it can be concluded, for customers who currently do activities from home, although they’re at home it feels like dolen (going out) to the traditional market, and also get a grocery store-class services,” he explained.

According to students from Jakarta, Dolen provides approximately 150 products in the form of vegetable, fruit, seasoning, fish, beef, chicken, egg, and other types of groceries. “Of course to make it happen, we cooperate with various parties such as Department of cooperatives Surabaya, some traditional market merchants in Surabaya, courier bases Ojek, organic farmers in Mojosari, and others,” said Chandra.

Items ordered on Dolen will be delivered directly to the buyer’s home by courier

Not only convenience, Dolen is also easy to use especially for housewives with range age 30 to 45 years. With just three simple steps, the customer can already get the item they wanted. “There are three steps OKe that we have set as a reference, namely Order your order, send money to us, and suddenly the goods will be received” explained Chandra.

Not only that, he continued, Dolen also provides express service for its customers. “All orders before 12.00 will be sent on the day within 24 hours, after transferring the money to us which of course has been confirmed by the customer service (CS)”, he added.

Chandra also claimed that the price offered by Dolen is quite competitive when compared with a similar service provider in the community.

Delivering the goods by Dolen courier

Reminded that there’s Coronavirus outbreak, Dolen runs the procedure set by the government. The crew was equipped with a license as the distributor of food logistics distribution personnel, as well as using masks and gloves. In addition, food packaging is also closed and hygienic. “But there’s still a minor mistake, improvement in the better direction will continue to run for the development of Dolen,” said Chandra.

For those who want to use the service Dolen, can access it at Chandra said, Dolen is currently in the process of refinements and the future will be downloadable on Google Play or Playstore. “Insha Allah we have been able to serve the buyers in the whole area of Surabaya, even some also include the citizens of the W plate, namely Sidoarjo and Gresik,” he explained.

Chandra said public reaction to Dolen is very positive. When the platform is publicly introduced, on the third day Dolen’s official Instagram account is visited by 1,000 netizens, Facebook pages penetrate 2,500 likes, and Dolen pages are accessed by more than 2,000 times. “Alhamdulillah Animo Citizen of Cyberspace Surabaya and surrounding area is very friendly and warmly welcomed to us,” he said Thanksgiving.

Furthermore, Chandra said, the support also comes from the KIM Bahari chairman, Sukolilo Baru, who invites the public from his social accounts to take advantage of Dolen amid Corona’s viral pandemic to shop for daily necessities. This is also a preventative step of the virus spreading.

The portraits of ITS students the creators of Dolen shopping site are incorporated in ITS DMC

Unmitigated, Dolen also shared a free shipping coupon for each purchase over Rp 100,000 for the first 500 purchasers. “By entering the keywords on the coupon that we have shared, this is our form of gratitude before starting the business,” explained Chandra.

He added, Dolen will be through the first 100 days with full optimism and will continue to improve the services promised to the public.

Going forward, Chandra hopes Dolen can be more beneficial to more people. “Hopefully this is a blessing for anyone who can get added value from our platform, our buyers can be helped, traders in the market smiling because their goods sold, and Courier earning, which of course all that will be our happiness too,” he concluded. (meg/Anjani/ITS Public Relation Officer)

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