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April 30, 2020 11:04

The Only One From Indonesia, ITS Lecturer Becomes A Member Of The Global Young Academy

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Sri Fatmawati when she received one of the world’s awards

ITS Campus, ITS News – in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic which is currently in the midst of the world today, the lecturer of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) remains capable of rewarding achievements at the international level. This achievement comes from the lecturer of the Departement of Chemistry ITS, Sri Fatmawati Ssi MSc Ph.D. which successfully received the honor to join the prestigious international academy, Global Young Academy (GYA).

GYA is a young science academy of scientists around the world that aims as an international collaboration and dialogue platform. This year, 40 new members from 30 countries were elected members of the GYA. Interestingly, the lecturer who is often called Fatma is the only member of GYA 2020 that comes from Indonesia.

The woman who comes from Madura revealed, to be one of the members of GYA, must pass a long journey and very strict selection. The reason is that GYA is actually a net of scientists who have expertise or good skills. “To become a member of GYA is not easy, they (GYA, red) need to look at the background and record our tracks in the field of science,” said the wife of Adi Setyo Purnomo SSi MSc Ph.D.

Sri Fatmawati when she received the world’s awards

Not only the experience in the research, but the track record in question is also the contribution to the community, active the members in the field of science, the vision of the mission, and how they transfer the knowledge that is owned to the public. “In addition, although the age is not that important, GYA members must have a doctorate in the period of three to 10 years,” she explained.

Most importantly, he added, GYA highly appreciates the work of paper and collaboration that has been made with several other countries. “And Alhamdulillah I have successfully collaborated with some countries such as Japan, France, and Malaysia,” said the women who have received international awards by the French Big Cosmetics Company, L’oreal with UN educational organization, UNESCO.

Fatma was known with 30 papers and 20 studies wrote. For her hard work and amazing achievements, she was selected to be a part of GYA and she would be inaugurated in the upcoming June 2020 in Germany. “Being a new member of the GYA gives me the privilege of being able to communicate with the great scientists around the world,” said her happily.

As with last week, said the woman born 3 November 1980, herself and 39 other members are doing cooperation in the openness of science. “Their capacity and mindset (scientist, red) have made it easier for us to get maximum results,” said the mother of Fahira Yumiko Azzahra and Filza Michiko Farzama.

Sri Fatmawati while visiting the United States

She also serves as the president of the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) Indonesia, which also explains that the activities he will do after becoming a member of GYA is to hold an annual general meeting and she will be held in India, 9-12 June. “Also, we will conduct an openness of knowledge between countries,” she added.

At the end of the interview, women who have a high interest in this science are aspiring young scientists to begin to move the determination early on. By not waiting and taking the opportunity, she believes that young scientists can process well. “When we are young, the space is very infinite, so grow your passion and know your interest,” she reminded. (chi/rev/ITS Public Relations)

Sri Fatmawati name is listed as a member of the Global Young Academy

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