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April 28, 2020 19:04

ITS Designed IUV LED Lamps for Covid-19 Sterilization

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Endarko MSi PhD (three from the left), with student team that helps design IUV LED lamps for insulation chamber sterilization

ITS Campus, ITS News – Many technological innovations are needed for the acceleration handling corona pandemic or Covid-19 around the world, including in Indonesia. One of them is the 405nm IUV LED isolation chamber lamp which was successfully designed by Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) in cooperation with Universitas Airlangga University (RSUA).

The IUV lamps work by removing the rays that have a wavelength of 405 nanometer (nm) which is safer for humans. So it can sterilize the room without having to make it empty.

The Department of Physics lecturer, Endarko MSi PhD explained, this IUV lamp can be used continuously just by requiring electrical power of 40 watts. “This lamp can also last up to 50 thousand hours,” he said.

In addition, Endarko continued, the lamp has also been modified by balancing the light emitted. Endarko admitted, initially the light emitted by the lamp is violet color, so it can make a headache when it viewed. But with the modification of the balancer lights, it can produce a comfortable beam for vision.

Currently, according to Endarko, ITS has created as many as 15 units of IUV LED lamps that are planned to be used directly in the RSUA lobby. The manufacturing process doesn’t take much time. “However, the existence of components that are still rare in Indonesia is one of its vehicles,” he said.

Endarko MSi PhD demonstrated his designed IUV LED lamp to sterilize the isolation chamber of Covid-19 virus or other microorganisms

ITS Vice Rector IV The field of research, innovation, cooperation, and international relations, Bambang Pramujati ST. MSc Eng PhD stated that in principle, IUV lamps are almost identical to the Robot Violeta ITS which is also used for sterilization. “In addition to safer use, IUV lamps are also easy to be installed permanently in the room ceiling,” he explained.

Of course, it is very effective because it is able to do continuous sterilization and does not require refills such as disinfectant fluid. In addition, the IUV lamps also do not leave stains or residues in the areas that are sterilized, so it does not interfere with cleanliness.

Endarko MSi PhD explaining how IUV LED lamps works to sterilize the isolation chamber of Covid-19 virus

Bambang is grateful if in the midst of this crashing pandemic, ITS can still contribute to producing varieties of innovative products that are useful to society. “These innovations also make it possible to be patented as intellectual property,” he concluded. (Sof/Anjani/ ITS Public Relation Officer)

Endarko MSi PhD explaining how his designed IUV LED lamps works to sterilize the isolation chamber of Covid-19 virus

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