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April 07, 2020 18:04

ITS Create Low Cost Ventilator Robot to Help Handling Covid-19 Patient

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Dr. Aulia Muhammad Taufiq Nasution (right) explained how the ventilator works to East Java Deputy Governor Emil Dardak

ITS Campus, ITS News – a variety of efforts continue to be made by Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) on helping communities to face the Corona or Covid-19 pandemic virus today. In the field of technological innovation, ITS through Ventilator Team from Department of Physical engineering ITS create Simple and Low-Cost Mechanical Ventilator or Robot Ventilator. The appliance also has targets to be produced in mass and officially introduced to coincide with the commemoration of the World Health Day at ITS Robotics Central Building, Tuesday (7/4).

ITS rector Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng revealed that this Robot Ventilator is also a cooperation between ITS with Universitas Airlangga University (RSUA) and Dr Soetomo Hospital as a partner of researchers and prospective users of this innovation. This Robot is also expected to overcome the limited problems of ventilator equipment in Indonesia. “In fact, the number of positive patients Covid-19 continues to rise every day, this tool is needed today,” said the rector that is often called Ashari.

The rector of ITS Prof. Mochamad Ashari (left) when giving speech on the launching of Simple & Low-Cost Mechanical Ventilator for Covid-19 patients in ITS Robotics Central Building

He also explained that in the development of the Robot Ventilator is always accompanied by the Health Facility Security Hall (BPFK) Surabaya. This is done so that in the development can be based on the required standards, so that it can be mass produced immediately. “This tool is also currently staying through due diligence operated for 2×24 hours nonstop,” he added.

The ventilator uses an open source design base of the U.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Mechanical systems and some specifications are adopted from MIT. The electronic system and monitoring system is developed entirely by ITS team. This Ventilator is developed relying on the availability of existing components in the market, with consideration of convenience in the fabrication process later to meet the large number of Ventilator needs. The ventilator features Respiration Rate, Inspiration/Expiration Ratio, Tidal Volume, PEEP (Positive End-Expiratory Pressure), and PIP (Peak Inspiration Pressure) settings.

The Breathing apparatus Simple & Low-Cost Ventilator created by ITS cooperation with RSUA and RSUD Dr Soetomo

The head of Department of Physical Engineering’s team of ITS Dr. RER Nat Aulia MT Nasution explained, this Robot Ventilator can be a breathing apparatus for Covid-19 sufferers who are experiencing disruption in the their respiratory system. Compared to existing ventilators in a number of hospitals, ITS Ventilator robot is also designed to be easily moved and manufactured faster. “Maybe that will be the obstacle later is the availability of raw materials,” said Aulia.

He also does not deny that the components used are easily obtained in the market. Compared to existing ventilators, the material ventilator ITS products are based on the use of Ambu Bag (Bag Valve Mask/BVM) or which is manually known by the term manual resuscitator. The components also come from metal acrylic that is easily found on the market.

One of the research team member explained how to operate Robot Ventilator by ITS cooperation with RSUA and RSUD Dr Soetomo

However, the word Aulia, to do production massively will still be sought to explore cooperation with the factory of raw materials provider. “And most importantly the component used will still support the criteria of clinical use of the robot in accordance with BPFK standards later,” he.

In price, expressed by Ashari, the ventilator products in the market today can reach a range of Rp 800 million per unit. However, for the artificial ventilator It is estimated later when produced the masala price is only a range of Rp 20 millions per unit. But the prices on the market are comparable to that of the current ventilator tools. Given that many countries also no one wants to export the ventilator, because it is again needed in each of these countries. Thus the manufacture of this ventilator robot becomes the solution of scarcity.

Deputy Governor Emil Dardak (right) when giving speech on the launching of Simple & Low-Cost Mechanical Ventilator for ITS Covid-19 patients at ITS Robotics Central Building

Meanwhile, East Java Deputy Governor Dr Emil Dardak who is also present in this event expressed his appreciation to ITS, because it always plays a real role for Indonesia through the field of technology. He also said that East Java provincial government will provide optimum assistance for this Robot Ventilator can be used to the public at large. “My hope, this technology can provide the efficiency of handling Covid-19 Nowadays, so that the number of patients heal too will be more and more,” he concluded. (Sep/Anjani/ITS Public Relation Officer)

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