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March 24, 2020 15:03

ITS Producing Face Shield Mask to Emergency Response Covid-19

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The Face Shield Mask production team brought the product with public relations team from RSU Dr Soetomo

ITS Campus, ITS News – Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) again proves its concern to help prevent the spread of the corona outbreak or the Corona Virus Disease 19 (Covid-19) which has become a pandemic in the world today. ITS previously innovated to design a number of disinfection devices, it now also introduces one of the Personal Protective equipments (PPE) Face Shield masks tools.

Djoko Kuswanto ST, head of Integrated Digital Design laboratory from Industrial Product Design Department ITS as inventor revealed the production target of Face Shield Mask can fulfill 500 to 1,000 items every day. “Since Saturday (21/3) Then, this idea has been sought to achieve the target,” he said.

Said Djoko, panic buying is one form of public response to the spread of this Covid-19. “The medical world was also shaken, with the decrease of PPE, due to panic buying, which is actually needed by medical personnel,” said Djoko again.

This decreases the number of PPE, according to Djoko, which evokes ITS joint 3D Printer Association in Indonesia to provide the help of PPE by producing this Face Shield Mask.

Djoko who is also the coordinator of the Association of 3D printers Indonesia Chapter East Java This explains, Face Shield Mask is chosen because it is easy to create with a fairly fast estimation of manufacturing time. “Moreover, masks are an urgent necessity nowadays,” he said.

Based from the data received the laboratory Integrated Digital Design ITS, the current needs of the mask reaches 270,000 pieces. Supported by the fact, Djoko said that there will be two types of production procedures applied. The goal is the efficiency of production work.

The 3D Printing method, Djoko said, becomes the first option. “The way it works is to organize the material in the form of melt so that it becomes a conceptualized object,” explained the way the 3D Printing additive works.

The advantages of the 3D Printing method itself, according to Djoko, IE goods can be produced in more detail as designed. However, for such current conditions, 3D Printing is time-consuming which tends to be long-lasting. So, he continued, a tool known as CNC Router is an option to overcome it.

CNC Router is a machine equipped with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in the process of cutting or engraving a particular material. Briefly, Djoko said that the working system with the CNC Router is substractive or by doing a reduction. “From the material intact, the material is engraved in such a way that it becomes the desired product, ” some.

Using the help of the CNC Router, in collaboration with ITS Protomodel Laboratory, the speed of Face Shield Mask production is expected to immediately meet the needs, especially in East Java with the demand that has reached 35,000 pieces. Djoko mentions, one CNC Router has a production speed of almost equal to 200 to 400 printers at once. “CNC Router then we choose as a prioritized way,” he said.

From the two procedures applied, there are also two ingredients that are the composition of one type of PPE. The founder said this Indonesia home prosthesis, used two types of plastics to make this emergency mask. Namely plastic High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This emergency mask should also be produced by observing the safety of the materials used.

Both types of plastic chosen, according to Djoko, are two types of safe plastic used including for medical purposes. Because, the two types of plastics can also be used as a food packaging. In addition, both HDPE and PET plastics, both are equally easy to find on the market. “This facility is so supportive of the production process, amid the recommendation for social distancing,” he called.

When asked about the distribution of products, with the firm Djoko conveyed, this mask masks only for the clinical institutions in need. Clarifying his statement, he mentions the uncharged division, having a flow of distribution procedures that are not arbitrary. “We do not want to have errors distributing to the less in need,” he asserted.

The existing team is divided into four divisions, which are data collection, production, assembly, and distribution. This is one of the attempts to prevent errors in this free dispensing mask. Following the recommendations of the Faculty of Creative design and ITS Digital business, the demand to be processed is the ones that follow the needs of the booking flow.

For the clinical institution that wants to request a need, the flow that must be pursued first is to prepare an official request letter and attach it along with the online form provided. Details of the procedure can be found through this Face Shield Mask driving team, including Djoko himself.

At the end of the interview session, Djoko asked for prayers and support, as well as the participation of anyone who was moved to take part as a volunteer in this production process. “There will be training coordinated for volunteers so that social distancing is not a hindrance to pursuing success achieving high production targets,” he concluded.

One of the partners called the APD production partner is 20 students who are in the Executive Body of the student (BEM) Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University. Hopefully, with much cooperation, the products that need to be sterilized and the feasibility test is more quality and assured. (Qaf/Anjani/ITS Public Relations Officer)

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