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The Story of Arsy and His Dream of Becoming a Scientist

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Ibrahim Arsy, a student of the ITS Physics Department who achieved the First Place for ITS Most Outstanding Student of Undergraduate level

ITS Campus, ITS News — He is Ibrahim Arsy, a student of the Department of Physics at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) who will represent ITS in the 2020 Most Outstanding Student contest. He experienced many ups and downs in his journey of achieving the First Place title for the ITS Most Outstanding Student. Hand-in-hand with his pursued field of science, Arsy aspires to be a scientist who spreads benefits for the community.

“Whatever it is I will end up as in the future, my scientist spirit will be there,” stated Arsy when conversing with the ITS Online reporter. For him, becoming the Most Outstanding Student is one way to dedicate oneself to the community. Aside from that, becoming the Most Outstanding Student is also a way to explore and dig deeper about the scientific field, because of the countless opportunities to take, knowledge to learn, and experiences to value.

Since a long time ago, this student of batch 2017 admitted that he had always dreamed of becoming a scientist. Moreover, his passion for Physics had bloomed in his heart since he was in Junior High School (SMP). His interest became even more intense when he encountered electricity and electromagnetic subjects. From there, he thought that Physics is indeed very crucial for everyday life. “Not just applicative, Physics can be more than that, for example, to reveal a theory,” he explained excitedly.

Developing his interest, this student born in 1999 has been actively involved in the world of research since his first semester of university. His great works and amazing innovations globalized whilst carrying the name of ITS and Indonesia to the world level. The majority of the innovations he initiated were in the futuristic sphere, which had a target realization far in the future. “For example, the development of magnetic levitation technology, electric fields for trains, to wireless cellphone charging devices that do not need to touch the base of the charger,” he identified.

Through his smart innovations, Arsy won a gold medal at the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) in 2019 and three gold medals at the 2019 International Innovation Fair and the Kaohsiung International Invention and Design Expo.

Going into the topic of pure science, Arsy simply dismissed the stigma, which states that science is heavy and confusing. For him, pure science is what underlies all existing applied sciences. “By deepening it, it will be easier to explore other sciences,” he emphasized.

Being an accomplished person who is passionate about science does not make Arsy turn his back on other activities, one of which is being active in organizations. This alumnus of SMA Lazuardi GIS was also a member of the Research and Technology Department of ITS Student Executives Board and ITS Science Trainer, both of which greatly supported and added to his motivation in becoming the Most Outstanding Student. “The ITS Most Outstanding Students of 2019 were also a huge part of my inspiration,” conveyed this student from Depok.

All his organizational experiences undoubtedly had a big impact on Arsy. He admitted that he liked to exchange ideas with other people who were much more knowledgeable. Even from them, he learned valuable lessons on how to socialize, be ethical, and think critically. “It trained and forged me to become a better person,” he expressed.

When asked about tips on becoming the Most Outstanding Student but at the same time an activist in organizations, Arsy stressed that the main key good time management. “Plan activities or competitions in advance. Avoid the overnight speeding system,” suggested this student who was also a laboratory assistant for the Instrumentation Physics laboratory.

At the end of the interview, Arsy argued that everyone should have innovations, inspirations, and their respective portions of achievement. The most important thing is to continuously maintain the spirit of innovation, achievement, and benefits for others. “Everyone can become the Most Outstanding Person, but not everyone ‘wants’ to. So stick to your principles and intentions and plan your respective paths to become an outstanding student in your own way,” he concluded. (ai/id/ory)

Ibrahim Arsy (on the right) at the 2019 Kaohsiung International Invention & Design Expo

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