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March 01, 2020 23:03

Persistent in Joining Competitions, Inggrita Achieves ITS Most Outstanding Student Title

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Inggrita Putri Kusuma Wardani, ITS Most Outstanding Student from the Undergraduate Industrial Engineering Department

ITS Campus, ITS News — Participating in competitions is definitely not an easy matter. Not many dare to do it. However, this challenge did not stop Inggrita Putri Kusuma Wardani. Persistent in joining various competitions, she successfully achieved the title of one of the most outstanding undergraduate students at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS).

This Industrial Engineering student said that since childhood, her parents always encouraged her to actively compete. She has participated in numerous competitions since she was in Kindergarten with the aim of honing her interests and talents. Whatever the result was, her parents always showed positive support.

“For me, all types of competitions are very interesting to participate in. Therefore, winning or losing is not a problem,” she revealed with a laugh.

With continuous support from her parents, Inggrita has successfully attained many achievements. One of them is an achievement in the Business Case competition, which was undoubtedly the expertise of Industrial Engineering students. In this reputable competition, Inggrita won the National Business Case.

Other than that, her active involvement as Administration and Finance in the development of electric formula cars with the Anargya ITS Team also brought her to the top eight participants of the Business Logic Case Presentation Formula Student Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in Japan.

Inggrita, ITS Most Outstanding Student, when participating in the SAE Student Formula Business Logic Case Presentation competition in Japan with the Anargya ITS Team.

On top of being active in competitions, Inggrita is also involved in several accountable organizations. In 2018, she participated in four organizations at once, namely the Board of Student Executives of the Industrial Engineering Faculty, MSI Ulul Ilmi Industrial Engineering Department, PKP LDJ Jamaah Masjid Manarul Ilmi (JMMI) ITS, as well as Administration and Finance in Anargya ITS Team.

“These organizations and activities gave me a lot of experience, especially in the ability to directly contribute to the community,” she expressed when interviewed by ITS Online.

Thanks to her achievements and organizational experience, Inggrita successfully passed the selection of the Scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), which was intended for outstanding students, who are active in organizations as well as a qualified academic record.

The student, who is a laboratory assistant of the Manufacturing Systems Laboratory at the Industrial Engineering Department, admitted that behind her achievements, there were many parties who showed huge support and continuously prayed for her. In addition, she also emphasized that if it weren’t for Allah’s permission, she would not have arrived at that point.

“Once again, do not let what we have today make us forget the real owner, because all we have are simply gifts from Allah SWT,” she conveyed.

Chosen as one of the top three most outstanding students, in the level of ITS undergraduate, was something she never expected. In the future, this student who was once a delegate of the Singapore Student Excursion hoped to contribute even more to uphold the good name of ITS.

“In the future, I also want to focus more on participating in industrial competitions and looking for student exchange opportunities abroad again,” she concluded hopefully. (sin/rur/ory)

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