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ITS Inaugurate Two Professors

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(from left) Prof. Nadjadji Anwar, Prof Agus Zainal Arifin, Prof. Fredy Kurniawan, Prof. Adi Soeprijanto, and Prof. Imam Robandi after the inauguration

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) again inaugurated two professors, namely Prof. Dr. Agus Zainal Arifin SKom MKom from the Informatics Engineering Department and Prof. Dr. rer nat Fredy Kurniawan MSi from the Chemistry Department as the 123rd and 124th professor. Both were officially inaugurated by the Chairman of the ITS Professor Board, Prof. Dr. Ir Nadjadji Anwar MSc accompanied by the ITS Vice-Rector I of Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Adi Supriyanto MT who represented the Rector at the ITS Research Center Building on Wednesday (12/2).

Presenting his scientific speech, Agus Zainal Arifin who was inaugurated as a professor in the field of Digital Image Processing conveyed the importance of artificial intelligence in medical image processing. According to him, artificial intelligence can help health experts in visualizing and understanding complex patterns in the process of detecting an illness.

Prof. Dr. Agus Zainal Arifin SKom MKom presenting a scientific speech of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Image Processing for Health Technology Development

This Informatics Engineering Department lecturer added that he had applied some artificial intelligence to the medical images. Some of his research results are the use of Mammogram image classification to detect breast cancer, the malaria parasitic detector on the thick blood smear images, and the identification of chronic periodontitis disease on the dental panoramic images.

Besides, the Head of the ITS Artificial Intelligence and Health Technology Center also succeeded in making age estimates from dental panoramic images and detect osteoporosis disease with jaw panoramic images. Agus’s focus is to utilize artificial intelligence on medical imagery to be a preventative step in dealing with illness. “So I hope the disease detection process will be faster and more accurate,” said the doctoral graduate of Hiroshima University, Japan.

Prof. Dr. rer nat Fredy Kurniawan MSi presenting a scientific speech of the Role of Chemo and Biosensor in the Era of 4.0 Industrial Revolution 

Meanwhile, Fredy Kurniawan examined the Role of Chemo and Biosensor in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution which made him the first professor in the field of Chemo and Biosensor in Indonesia. In his scientific speech, the Head of the ITS Chemistry Department explained that the process of Chemosensor and Biosensor involved many scientific groups, such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics Engineering, Material Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and many more.

This is because, in its application, Chemo and Biosensor have been widely applied by various parties without being realized, such ss in the use of thermometers and blood sugar detection tools. Moreover, this ITS Chemistry Department alumnus successfully examined several new findings in the fields of medical, agricultural, and halal products.

The Chairman of the ITS Professor Board, Prof. Nadjadji Anwar conveyed his report in the inauguration of the 123rd and 124th ITS professor

Among them are freezing point indicators to preserve polio vaccines, glucose sensors, dopamine sensors, sucrose sensors, pig gelatin sensors, and spiciness sensors. Also, the doctoral alumnus of Regensburg University, Germany continues to strive to make the products more economical.

For example, he thought that the pig gelatin sensor must be made as economical as possible so it is easily accessible to the community. “Moreover, Indonesian Muslim communities who desperately need this sensor to confirmed that the food consumed is Halal,” explained the former Head of ITS Halal Study Center.

ITS Vice-Rector I, Prof. Adi Supriyanto MT gave his speech representing ITS Rector in the inauguration of the 123rd and 124th ITS professor

In his speech, ITS Vice-Rector I, Prof. Adi Soeprijanto also advised the two newly inaugurated professors as well as all members of the ITS Professor Board to remain active in research in their respective fields. Because, according to this Electrical Engineering professor, the main mandate for a professor is to provide benefits to many people.

Besides, he also hopes that professors at ITS will always be available to guide research and competitions that their students take part in. “For the knowledge transfer that has been achieved by the previous generation can be well received by the younger generation,” he concluded. (dik/gayatri/ITS Public Relation)

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