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January 24, 2020 14:01

Achieve the Most Google Scholar Citations in ITS

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Prof Ir I Nyoman Pujawan M Eng Ph.D. as the most citation achiever

ITS Campus, ITS News – The working spirit is continuously done by Prof Ir I Nyoman Pujawan M Eng Ph.D. Through his research publications, the Head of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Technology Management Department achieved the highest number of Google Scholar citations in ITS.

Nyoman, his familiar greeting revealed that he has at least 2415 citations in Google Scholar, whose numbers increase from year to year. In 2018 for example, 346 citations increased to 356 by 2019. “The number of citations itself shows how much impact of a person’s writing has in the field of a scientific field that they determined,” he added.

He is writing quality scientific articles and publish them in a reputable journal. This strategy he did was not without purpose, the reason is the publication also influenced the number of people who read the writing and make it a reference. “It’s simple as selling things. If our goods are good and marketed in a good place, more people will buy,” he said.

It is undeniable that the effort that Nyoman did tends not to be easy, it requires serious research and should provide the perfect writing. However, he chose to do everything with integrity. For example, he does not manipulate citations by citing own writing improperly. “If our writing is still within a reasonable boundary, one another will be interconnected,” he said.

Prof Ir I Nyoman Pujawan M Eng Ph.D. at the Conference of Transport and Supply Chain in Jakarta.

Nyoman admitted that the number of citations was not his main motivation for conducting research and publication. According to him, the biggest motivation was to contribute to the scientific field of Supply Chain Management. “Conducting research that contributes to the development of science is my goal, I hope that it will increase the practical impact on the industrial world,” he explained.

He reminded us that the lecturers’ main task was referred to Tri Dharma of Higher Education, one of which is research. The research produces knowledge through the collective creation process by researchers in various parts of the world. “If our writing is used as a reference, it means that our writing has a good impact on the creation of knowledge,” he explained.

In the end, he hopes that ITS students will not only learn within the classroom. Various sources of knowledge are very accessible. Listening to the world’s top lecturers doing online teaching can also be done. “Don’t rely solely on lecturers in class, learning must be based on passion, and it is also important to have prominent skills in a particular field,” he explained. (zar/hen/gayatri)

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