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January 22, 2020 13:01

ITS Ready To Help Improve Accreditation of Ibrahimy University

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Discussion between ITS and the Ibrahimy University before the MoU signing

ITS Campus, ITS News – Following the commitment of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) as a State University (PTN), ITS is in cooperation with the University of Ibrahimy, Situbondo. This is realized with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in ITS Rectorate Building, Friday (17/1), to success the process of accreditation of a new study program at the Ibrahimy University.

The rector of the Ibrahimy University, Prof. Dr. H A Yasid MA LL M, explained that earlier has also done cooperation with ITS but only lasted a year. The cooperation was concerned with the mandate of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (KEMENRISTEKDIKTI) to be guided by ITS. During the year working together, Yasid admitted that Ibrahimy University as a new university feels very assisted.

The rector of ITS Prof. Mochamad Ashari (right) and rector of the University of Ibrahimy, Prof Ahmad Yasid signing the MoU

Furthermore, Yasid revealed, although only three years ago, Ibrahimy University has 27 study program with 10 new faculties The new study program will be two years old as of 2 February this year. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the preparation and quality improvement so that the new study program accreditation can increase.

In the process, Yasid hopes that it is pleased to contribute a new study program accreditation at Ibrahimy University. “From the guidance program, we hope to be connected with ITS for the next five years so that we can learn more from ITS,” he said.

The rector of ITS Prof. Mochamad Ashari (left) and rector of Ibrahimy University Prof Ahmad Yasid exchanging souvenirs

A warm welcome was also expressed by ITS Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng. The first person in ITS is well aware of the task that is given to ITS to guide. Therefore, through the signing of this memorandum of understanding, ITS wants to realize the commitment to improve the quality of education in private universities in East Java.

“ITS will continue to help new universities to improve their accreditation through guidance and training,” said Ashari when asked about the effort which will be done in the future.

ITS executive boards and the Ibrahimy University after signing MoU

The Lecturer of the Departement of Electrical Engineering also hopes that this step will be ITS real contribution to the develop the communities, including universities. “Hopefully, we can help as much as possible with what we can help so that other universities can improve the quality, so it leads to the better quality of human resources (SDM) for Indonesia,” he concluded optimistically. (ra/rev/ITS Public Relations)

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