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January 15, 2020 10:01

Celebrating the Environment Day, ITS Planted Hundreds of Flowery Trees

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IKA Chairman’s PW Jatim Dr. Wahid Wahyudi while giving an opening in the Green Charity ITS to plant hundreds of Tabebuya tree

ITS Campus, ITS News – coincided with the national Environment Day which on 10 January and to start 2020, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) plants hundreds of trees in the ITS Campus. The inaugural activity wrapped in the event titled Green Charity for Flowery ITS is also held to celebrate World Movement Million Trees takes place in ITS Alumni Park, Friday (10/1) morning.

ITS planted 220 flowering trees on the ITS campus. However, in the activities followed by the ITS executive board with alumni who are incorporated in Ikatan Keluarga Alumni (IKA) ITS this time plants 105 Tabebuya trees. The rest has been planted before in the ITS campus with different types of trees.

Not only Tabebuya, but there are also other flowering trees such as the Bungur trees, Flamboyan, and Kembang Merak that are also planted first. Planting this flowering tree is focused on several points, which at Bundaran ITS Fountain and around the Alumni Park area.

ITS rector, Prof. Mochamad Ashari when giving the opening speech and opened Green Charity for Flowery ITS with planting Tabebuya trees

The event began with a speech by the chairman of IKA regional management (PW) of East Java Dr. Ir Wahid Wahyudi MT, which was followed by a speech from ITS rector Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng. Rector who is familiarly called Ashari opened activities symbolically by planting the first Tabebuya tree in Alumni Park, which is followed by all executive board and Alumni at other planting points in the Alumni Park. Furthermore, watering the tree is done by using the firefighter’s car (Damkar) owned by the latest Assets Management Bureau (Sarpras).

Susi Agustina Wilujeng ST MT, the head of ITS Smart Eco Campus Unit, explains that the Green Charity is a charitable activity in the form of greenery involving many parties to contribute. “We invite all stakeholders, alumni, academic professionals, and public to give funds or trees to be planted at ITS, especially flowering trees,” she said.

The rector of ITS Prof. Mochamad Ashari digging to plant Tabebuya tree accompanied by few ITS executive board and ITS IKA representatives

According to Susi, the flowering tree is chosen for several reasons. The lecturer of the Departement of Environmental Engineering expressed that flowering trees such as Tabebuya are chosen, because of their usefulness as carbon emissions absorbent media derived from motorcycle and car that pass through the area.

While from the other side, Ashari mentions that one of the reasons the chosen flowering tree is also for aesthetic reasons. “The flowering period of these trees is almost at the same time, so it can give color to anyone who visits ITS later so that ITS become more beautiful, ITS flowering,” he said.

Planting the Tabebuya tree done by ITS executive boards and alumni around ITS Alumni Park

Ashari hopes in November to be when trees planted will bloom. After that, in the past year, this Japanese cherry blossom tree can captivate and become the lips of the public because of its beauty. This time, not even just the Tabebuya tree, but also the flowers of the other trees are expected to coloring ITS.

ITS executive boards are also inaugurated ITS fire engine by trying the water hose to watering the plants around ITS Alumni Park

“Moreover, the Flamboyan tree took a long time to bloom. So we expected ITS can be flowering with a variety of colors such as pink, red, purple, and yellow, “add Susi.

Susi hopes that trees planted can be treated nicely by everyone from officers, lecturers, students, and other education personnel. “Of course we hope for the trees to be healthy, grow well, and flowering to add to the beauty of our beloved campus (ITS, red),” she said.. (ra/rev/ITS Public Relations)

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