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January 13, 2020 09:01

Strengthen Image Through Synchro ITS

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ITS rector Prof. Mochamad Ashari with ITS IKA representative and Executive Board put the first stone to inaugurate the development of ITS Synchro selfie spot

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) will soon have a new landmark called Synchro ITS. To inaugurate ITS development, the rector of ITS Prof Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng carried out the first stone in the ITS triangular garden area, Friday (10/1). This synchro will be used as a place to go and promote ITS media to the public.

The rector, who called Ashari, said that the development of the Synchro ITS because of cooperation with the Association of Alumnus of ITS Regional Management (IKA ITS PW) East Java. He also expressed appreciation and gratitude to all the parties who took a role to develop Synchro. “This became a special gift given by alumni to their campus,” he said.

Synchro itself has its concept and design that is already designed by ITS team. This Landmark will have several functions such as area markers, environmental aesthetic accents, technological campus images, as well as icons for gathering points. “And most of all will be a selfie place for students as well as guests who come to ITS campus,” said Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng Ph.D., Vice-rector IV of Research, Innovation, Cooperation, and Alumnus.

The rector of ITS Prof. Mochamad Ashari (left) with the chairman of IKA ITS PW East Java Dr. Wahid Wahyudi opened the curtain covered picture of Synchro ITS that will be built later

The development of Synchro ITS becomes important so the visitors can notice that they are already in ITS campus area. This is feedback to the increasing number of ITS guests, both from local and international. “Synchro itself is a pattern of installation of art and cultural objects that will strengthen ITS image as a humanist technology campus,” he added.

Synchro’s construction, according to Bambang, is also a response to the current millennial habits that often do selfies. It is indirectly will be ITS promotional media on social media. “That is why Synchro is built on ITS Triangle Garden which is the center of circulation of campus activities and the main access to ITS Rectorate,” said the lecturer of Department of Mechanical Engineering.

ITS rector Prof. Mochamad Ashari (left) together with IKA Chairman’s PW East Java Dr. Wahid Wahyudi after inaugurated ITS Synchro in Triangle Garden

He also hopes that with the construction of the Synchro ITS can give a new face and spirit, especially for civitas academica. People are also expected to be interested in visiting ITS as an educational tour. “We will also build a similar place of selfie in several locations in ITS to beautify the campus area,” he concluded. (sep/rev/ ITS Public Relations)

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