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December 23, 2019 18:12

Three Gold Medals Succesfully Won By ITS Team In Two International Competitions

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ITS Student Team of Departement of Physics has won three gold medals at the same time in two international events.

ITS campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has always made innovations in the face of increasingly rapid technological developments. One of them was created by the Department of Physics students who have succeeded in making innovations named Teslamp and Maglifts.

Amazingly, both innovations of the student’s work have won three gold medals at the same time in two international events, namely India International Innovation Fair 2019 and Kaohsiung International Invention and Design Expo. The team consists of Ibrahim Arsy, Adila Zahra Faradisa, Alifah Salsabilla, Rilando Devaldi, Sheila Salsabila Heranda Putri, and Andi Maligi.

In the India International Innovation Fair 2019 which took place on 1-3 last December, Arsy presented Teslamp which is a device for light tester wireless (without cable). So that the light that is inside the box can be lit only with the device closer to it.

A Teslamp trial that can also charge a Powerbank

According to the Diky Anggoro S.Si’s guidance team, the use of cables to connect electric currents has been widely assessed as complicated in the current era. In the future, the tool can also be developed into a wireless smartphone charger wirelessly. “So someone can play handphones while charging near the tool, without having to connect his handphones with cable,” said the students who are familiarly called Arsy.

In the same event, Arsy and the team also featured Maglifts which was a replacement for a permanent magnet with a coil. Physics theory mentions if permanent magnets can only be strong on one side. So it would be better if replaced with a coil.

Maglifts, the innovative work of ITS student team that can be applied to an elevator without using ropes

The application to which it is used is for the maglev trains that use the magnetic principle. On a large scale, the train can run up to hundreds of kilometers each hour. Also, the Maglifts concept was successfully awarded a gold medal at the Kaohsiung International Invention and Design Expo in Taiwan on 5-9 December. Using the same principle, the maglifts were proposed to be movable lifts without the use of ropes.

In expanding it, Arsy admitted having to face a great challenge. In addition to funding, the radiation from super conductors used should also be considered. Similarly, the heat that appears is quite large and fast. “Therefore, it is worth rethinking how to reduce the heat,” said this student.

The students of batch 2017 also hope that this research should not stop until this time. Indeed the time required is not short, but should refer to the implementation in the future. “Hopefully this research gets a lot of support from various parties and also its successor,” he concluded. (sof/rev/ITS Pbulic Relations)

ITS Team of Departement of Physics ITS has won the gold Medal Award in the Kaohsiung International Invention and Design Expo

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