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Express Climate Change Through the Web, ITS Team Wins ASEAN Champion

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Terrennial Team (center) and several delegations from other countries who won the competition

ITS Campus, ITS News – The glorious achievement was unceasingly achieved by the academicians of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) both in the national and international arena. This time, two students from Informatics Department and Information Systems Department successfully presented the first champion by designing a website that expresses about climate change in the Future Ready ASEAN Competition which took place in Bangkok, Thailand for three days, starting Wednesday (27/11).

Rizky Andre Wibisono and Alifia Rizki Rahmani who are members of the Terrennial Team were the only delegates from Indonesia. “Our team name matches the name of the website that we developed,” Rizky explained.

This year, the Future Ready ASEAN Competition was organized by the ASEAN Foundation, an organization under the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) which focused on community and the younger generation development and cooperated with major corporations and organizations such as Microsoft, Grab, EMPIRE CODE, and UNESCO.

With the Create a Blog Site on Sustainability theme, the Future Ready ASEAN Competition sets out four sub-themes in its agenda, namely Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Water. On this occasion, the Terrennial team took the sub-theme of climate change. “We took the theme of climate change because it was quite disturbing for us,” he said.

Through the Climate Change sub-theme, the team guided by Hadziq Fabroyir SKom Ph.D. who is an ITS Informatics lecturer was challenged to be able to develop a website through a line of code method and computer programming language to create an attractive front-end web development. Following the previous explanation, the website they created was named Terrennial and became the innovation proposed in the semi-final stage.

(from left) Hadziq Fabroyir SKom Ph.D. as Supervisor, Alifia Rizki Rahmarani, Rizky Andre Wibisono, and ASEAN Foundation representatives at the awarding of the champion prize

According to Rizky, the name did not necessarily appear without any special background. They purposely gave the name Terrennial because the website they created focused on humans, especially for millennial generations to care for the Earth. But Rizky also admitted that the naming was merely a name and there was no deeper philosophy. “Just name,” said Rizky straightforwardly.

Not only that, but the Terrennial team also presented their other works, namely an idea called Be Happy and Healthy on the Wheels. The concept submitted by Rizky emphasized the application of the facial recognition system through Microsoft’s software called Microsoft Azure Face API on Grab Wheels vehicles. The function of the idea is to fulfill the purpose of the third Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, namely a Healthy and Prosperous Life.

The way it works was by assuming the camera and screen mechanism so that Grab Wheels can detect the mood of its users by reading their facial expressions. “If the user looks gloomy, the system can give a notification to remind users to stretch their facial muscles or do a light head exercise,” he explained.

The young man who came from Jombang revealed some of his mechanisms. First, they must complete the material on the website page and attend training from the ASEAN Foundation. Next is the stage of resolving the problem on the website page with the assessment criteria of theme compatibility, website display, code and programming usage, and site instructions.

Of course, their success did not escape from the existence of hard work and effort. From this achievement, Rizky hoped Terrennial innovations bring a good impact on the Sustainable Development Goals. “Besides, we hope that cooperation between various departments at ITS will start to open up to solve various problems because Alifia and I are from different departments,” he said.

Furthermore, Rizky also expressed his hope that public perceptions of programming skills will become more open because programming also teaches how to think and do basic problem solving, especially for millennial generations. “So, be future-ready!” Rizky concluded at the end of the interview. (jev/gayatri/ITS Public Relation)

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