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November 30, 2019 16:11

ITS Cakradewa Won the KMLI 2019 Award

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An Alpha-1 electric car by ITS Cakradewa team.

ITS Campus, ITS News — the innovation presented by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya. This time, the team of Cakradewa managed to make use of used goods to create electric cars. With an electric car named Alpha-1, ITS won the award for Best Design Poster and Presentation at the 11th Kompetisi Mobil Listrik Indonesia (KMLI).

Jesly Theonof Sitorus, General Manager of Team Cakradewa explained, the 11th KMLI was the first competition followed by the Cakradewa team. Starting from the offer of one of ITS lecturers, namely Yohanes ST MSc, Tim Cakradewa decided to participate in this national competition. “The plan to join KMLI for the next year, because there is an opportunity this year, we just follow to experience the national competition,” he said.

Admitted by Theonof, his familiar greeting, the Cakradewa team only has three months to create Alpha-1, with the condition of not knowing how to make or how to work electric cars. Even then, followed by Theonof, this team has never had a welding experience. “We make this a challenge even though the worker process has a lot of mistakes,” he added.

As he continued, three months of preparation time is utilized by the Cakradewa team. Learning by doing, consulting the experts, until the re-loading of electric cars even they did. “We try and keep trying until it works, ” said the student of Department of Mechanical Engineering ITS..

With the time constraints, this electric car uses the waste as their raw materials. Also, all components of this Alpha-1 car are made by ITS, starting the mover until the controller. No doubt, this team strives to adapt the existing materials to the needs. “From copper coil to the design we were following the regulations of the race,” he explained.

According to Theonof, Tim Cakradewa exposes all the data in the proposal with complete. From working steps, work timelines, calculating results, test results, to detailed frame simulations. “With that, we were able to achieve the Best Design Poster and Presentation in the event,” he added.

Students of the class of 2018 recounted the cost issue was a fundamental issue for the team. Luckily, the support from Braja Elektrik Motor, Wiksa Daya Pratama, Ultima Design Otomotif, M-42 Teknik Mesin, IKOMA ITS, and Semen Indonesia strengthen their steps. “We are very grateful for all that support,” he said.

For the excess of this electric car, Puguh Pambudi, head of mechanical department Cakradewa Team explained, Alpha-1 is the lightest car with a weight of 134 kilograms and a small-dimensional slim. Besides the lightest, it is also said that this car is the most agile. “By using only 2 kW input power can penetrate 4000 RPM, for torque redeeming about 18 Newton meters,” he explained. (meg/hen/rev)

Portrait of ITS Cakradewa team at the 11th KMLI event..


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