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November 30, 2019 17:11

Create Eco-Friendly Ceramics, ITS Students Wins International Gold Award

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(Starting two from the left) AA I Prajna Canricha P, Natashia Deborah, and Alyaa Zalfaa Komara Putri when receiving the Gold Award at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

ITS Campus, ITS News – The brilliant achievement has been re-accomplished by the team of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) students on the international scene. This time, it was shown with the success of winning the Gold Award in the 2019 Advanced Innovation Global Competition (AIGC) held at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore for three days, since last Friday (15/11).

The student team consisting of AA I Prajna Canricha Pradani, Fariz Aditya Chandra, Natashia Deborah, and Alyaa Zalfaa Komara Putri made an innovative work of eco-friendly ceramics called Scammics. The team leads by AA I Prajna Canricha Pradani or familiarly called Canricha, carrying the concept of environmentally friendly with the basic material of corncobs and waste of green mussel shells.

“This ceramic has potential in the market. There are many advantages, which are eco-friendly material, safe to use, without chemicals, cheaper price, but guaranteed quality, “she said.

According to Canricha, besides being environmentally friendly, this product also supports the concept of zero waste. It was inspired by her hometown, where a lot of corncobs waste is scattered on the beach because of the many merchants and tourists who litter.

From there, the idea was found to process corncobs to produce activated carbon needed in making ceramics. “It was proven that in one day I can collect up to three large plastics containing corncobs,” she added. Furthermore, the idea was developed and made the business plan with her team.

Product presentation along with the poster from the Scammics team before the judges

In addition to the corncobs, the waste of green mussel shells also attracted her attention. Analysis of news data which stated that the number of these waste shells is piled up also has the potential to be used as the basic material for making ceramics. Moreover with the discovery of calcium carbonate that can strengthen the durability of ceramics. “So we combine both materials to be used as ceramics,” she explained.

Scammics’ innovation product in the form of eco-friendly ceramics

She admitted that she had done this research since high school. The research process that has long been carried out makes the product maturity more optimal. It was able to deliver the team to meet all the assessment requirements and get the highest points judging from its function for the community and its environmentally friendly.

“According to the jury, we are very well-prepared. Our innovations are ready to sell, starting from packaging, branding, to the target market, and even already have a budget cost and calculation if there are investors who want to cooperate, “she said.

According to Canricha, the team that was guided by Berto Mulia Wibawa SPi MM was ready to continue to develop and realize until it will actually on the market. “We want this ceramic to be used and help the community get good quality ceramics that are eco-friendly at an affordable price,” she concluded. (ai/gayatri/ITS Public Relation)

The Scammics team with their supervisor, Berto Mulia Wibawa S Pi MM (second from the left), after the award presentation

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