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October 29, 2019 19:10

Towards the 59 Dies Natalis, ITS held the Festival Dolanan

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The excitement of the competition at Sepuluh Nopember Dolanan Festival
ITS Campus, ITS News – Enliven the 59th Dies Natalis Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), as well as the 74th anniversary of East Java province and Youth Oath Day, ITS Alumni Association (IKA) East Java regional caretaker, initiate the Sepuluh Nopember Dolanan Festival. With the main aim to socialize the traditional game in the younger generation, this was held at ITS Alumni Park, Wednesday (26/10).
Life is a dynamic thing, where change happens over time. Before the technological developments, life in the past is very thick with social interaction. One manifestation of such social interaction is traditional games, a game that is full of value to uphold togetherness and cooperation. Nowadays, traditional games begin to be eroded and replaced with gadgets. With just one device, users can access lots of entertainment like games and animated videos. Opens the Dolanan Festival, ITS rector Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng expressed his concern about this generation gap phenomenon. “Now the kids prefer to watch videos on Youtube instead of playing and interacting outside with friends,” he says. The coordinator of the Sepuluh Nopember Dolanan Festival, Rizky Laksmi Wityasari, S.T. explained, this is the right solution to respond to this generation gap phenomenon. “This event consists of three subevent namely competition competitions, music patrol competitions, and Gobak Sodor competition,” he explained. Besides, he added, there are also traditional game booths such as crank, bekel, jumping rope, and many more that the organizers provide.
One of the patrol music participants that enliven the Sepuluh Nopember Dolanan Festival
According to Laksmi, the Dolanan Festival was held two years ago. But at that time only limited students and alumni, or internal ITS. Unlike the previous year, Dolanan Festival 2019 this time allows the general public to participate to be participants of the patrol music competition and high school students to be participants in the competition of bentegan and gobak sodor. This enthusiasm was seen in the number of participants that increased from the previous year. According to this, Laksmi said it is very likely that the Dolanan Festival will be held yearly. “Later we (IKA ITS PW East Java, red) will study further about this plan. Hopefully can be realized for the Festival Dolanan become an annual event, “she concluded. (ram/rev/ITS Public Relations)
Rektor ITS dan sivitas akademika dalam helatan Festival Dolanan

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