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October 29, 2019 19:10

Empower Coastal Communities Through FTK Island Activities 2019

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BEM FTK ITS in Banmaleng village, sub-district Gili Genting, Gili Raja Island, Sumenep 

ITS Campus, ITS News – as a student organization engaged in the social sphere of society, it fits the Faculty’s Executive Student Council (BEM F) can directly contact the community. To realize this, BEM Faculty of Maritime Technology (FTK) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) in cooperation with Health Polytechnic Surabaya to organize community service activities in the area the outer coast named FTK Island 2019 on 4-6 October 2019.

FTK Island 2019 is one of the work programs of the Department of Social Society BEM FTK ITS aims to develop coastal communities through five major aspects, namely education, health, environment, technological applications, and economics.

This event was held in Banmaleng Village, Gili Genting Sub-district, Gili Raja Island, Sumenep. With a limited community condition, BEM FTK is trying to do development in several areas with different problem background.

In the health sector, BEM FTK carries out socialization activities and free health checks to the villagers with an external development of the health status database of residents of Banmaleng village. And in the field of environment, BEM FTK is trying to provide an effective microorganism 4 (EM4) with simple basic ingredients such as wet leaves, dried, and a wooden drawstring.

BEM FTK ITS also tries to excavate the potential of fisheries that can be developed by villagers who work as fishermen. Socialization of processed fish Tenggiri to BEM FTK ITS choice as a first step to develop the economy of villagers.

This socialization activity is aimed at the mothers of the Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) of Banmaleng village. Hanifah, a coordinator of PKK Desa Banmaleng, said that this socialization is very useful, especially mothers who have never developed fish and others “I hope this activity can be a home industry mobilizer in Banmaleng village,” she said enthusiastically.

Socialization of fish processing activities for PKK mothers

BEM FTK also provides assistance in the form of a set of solar panels with a capacity of 200 watts to Banmaleng village because of the limited power supply. Sunaidi, secretary of the village Banmaleng explained that the village administrator advised BEM FTK to install the solar panels in public places such as village halls. “Surely the suggestion from us aims to anticipate the social jealousy when the solar panels are installed in one of the resident’s houses,” he explained

The process of solar panels installations in Banmaleng village hall

Sunaidi also says many thanks to FTK students who have been willing to take the time to share their knowledge with the community in the village of Banmaleng. “Hopefully after this activity, the hospitality is kept awake as the warmth of this whole day. We hope that, next year can give something more useful, “said Sunaidi.

This activity was ended with the welcoming event between BEM FTK ITS with villagers. A joint meal and surrender of village placards and donations, symbolically to cover the activities of the day. Also, a series of activities FTK Island 2019 closed with the event of planting mangrove trees and cleaning the beach located on Gili Raja Island. (ion9/id/rev)

Representatives of BEM FTK when providing a plaque to village managers

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